What happened to announcement by Decode?

Recently, there was a new media post and media within the portal network about a mysterious calendar that decoded to a hint about the future of the story, with "Tabula Rasa" written backwards.

The very next day, @NianticOfficial announces a new event for Halloween with changes to drops and various mechanics.

What happened to the 'good old days', when these sorts of events would be revealed initially through URLs embedded in media requiring decoding?

This was a perfect opportunity lost to the community to have an upcoming event revealed via decoding. Sure, it would have been publicly announced a few days afterwards, but in the past all the new features and upcoming events were teased or "leaked" through media and embedded URLs to allow a feel of 'secret agents; discovering information through clandestine means and ciphers.

It doesn't take much, and this was a lost chance to bring back some of the old feel to how the game evolved and the events played out.

If you want to make Ingress feel like the "good old days", you have to remember things that made the game special back in those days. This is literally the "Investigation" yet all these media drops contain is a few gear passcodes that are FR long before most people can decode them.


  • ikaros02ikaros02 ✭✭✭✭

    I don't think the Hack or Treat minievent from 2015 (or the Level 8 Day) was teased through decoding either. There's a high chance I'm wrong but these small minievents usually aren't revealed via decoding.

    However, they mentioned the Tabula Rasa thingy in the other announcement: "Niantic Project Researchers will explore the mysterious Tabula Rasa incident, which seeks to explain the current state of Nemesis Sequence."

  • MoogModularMoogModular ✭✭✭✭✭

    This seems like a segueway that might not be as intense with research. Let's see what develops with it before making a full opinion on it.

    I think it's also interesting to note that a year ago is when they started doing the 13AR decodings which was a great way to get involved with decoding puzzles.

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