Coming soon: Trek-or-Treat Weekend Event

Something wicked is coming next Halloween weekend. From Friday, October 30th 16:00 UTC to Monday, November 2nd 17:00 UTC, the following will be in effect

  • Drone cooldown reduced to every 10 minutes from 60 minutes
  • 2X AP for Hacking enemy Portals, Deploying 8th Resonator slot, and Glyphing 
  • ½ Kinetic Capsule distance, reduced to 4km from 8km
  • 2X hack output of Resonators and Power Cubes

Please note that for the reduced 4km Kinetic Capsule to take effect, you must activate your Kinetic Capsule Program during the event, as the reduction will not be applied to Programs in progress. To help illustrate, if your Kinetic Capsule Program is at 3.5km/8.0km when the event starts, it will not be reduced to 3.5km/4.0km. The half distance will not be retroactive; you must complete the existing Program and the reduced distance will be enabled on your next Program. If your 4km Program is still in process when the event ends, it will still let you complete the program under the reduced distance.

This event will not have a Medal nor new personal stats added to the Scanner. 

Remember to pick up your free treat at the Store, available when the event begins. The Trek-or-Treat Bundle (0 CMU) includes: 

  • APEX x1
  • 5x Agent level XMP Burster
  • 3x Common Multi-Hack

As always, please remember to be aware of your surroundings. We encourage players to follow local health and safety guidelines when playing Ingress (such as wearing masks and maintaining at least six feet of distance from other people). 

-The Ingress Team

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