Make the Ingress great again!

I remember very fun and cooperative game that was so good. I played the game every single day to make my faction the winner of the region and possibly conquer whole world! Suddenly the fun game was destroyed. I get it. Good idea to try to change the design. But if it is worse, then previous version of UI should be restored. Please, make Ingress great again! Or please at least give us an option to choose between UIs. I also was unable to find prefered language. How to change UIs language?



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    They didn't just decided to change, th y were forced to rewrite the game and in the process changes happened.

    I doubt they will ever release a skin to make the interface like before, but a least a color scheme and minor changes we can hope for. The map, I think they stated that won't ever change.

    But to be honest, isn't the interface what make ingress what it is.

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    I'd say the UI isn't the biggest reason for what has changed about Ingress...

  • You are right. Today I opened Ingress after about a year, fire L8 and what! It reaches like 5m.

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    You are right, but I thing that previous UI was much easier to work with. And much more clear. Where can I read that they were forced?

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    I dont know. But the library they used on previous version was discontinued, so they had to find a new one and rebuild.

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    If Your on ios You can go to the Phone's Settings->Ingress and change preferred language there. Since this is an ios feature I'm not sure if it's possible on Android or if You have to change the system language on Your phone there.

    edit: Maybe this is a workaround on Android:

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    Internal discussions for an Ingress 2.0 were floated long before RoboVM was abandoned. However, due to the acquisition and abandonment of RoboVM meant that they had to accelerate Ingress 2.0 development much quicker than originally planned.

    Ingress is still their own IP, which means they keep all the revenue, or most of it, as opposed to PoGo and Wizards Unite, so it is in their best interest to put their resources onto Ingress 2.0 development, and relabel it as Prime.

    Essentially Ingress Prime is a new IP based on the old IP, if i'm not mistaken

  • Thanks for the info. Where can I read about this. I don't no what happened to the original Ingress development. Why they cannot use old UI? What/who is RoboVM? Pokemon GO is also Niantic. What is the problem?

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    RoboVM was discontinued by MIcrosoft so they could not do further development and release updates on a dead unsupported engine, So, why did Microsoft decide to axe a useful tool with a thriving user base? The official line is that the company decided it didn't fit in with its vision for mobile development.

    Pogo and HP uses now with Ingress Unity engine which was the reason niantic was forced to start work on prime with unity not because they wanted but they were forced so it was only logical to build prime on unity so all niantic games in future will run on 1 engine Unity most like..

  • They cannot reuse the old UI as RoboVM (on which it was built) was discontinued and both Google and Apple would not allow apps on these platforms to persist on their stores. It poses a security risk as these apps could not be updated with new security fixes.

  • It is sad. I wanted to play again, but not this. Absence of language change option in Android, oh. I just cannot get use to the new changes like fire distance and the UI. Maybe in some day big changes come to Ingress.

  • And if some users will recreate same look in new engine? Should there be an open source option for users? And participation on GitHub?

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    I found fork of RoboVM:

    Should not be used? Launch something like "legacy" version?

  • much quicker than originally planned.

    While I agree it put a hard limit on when it had to be done, it still took them 2 years to truly get started. We saw images at the 2017 Camp Navarro, but reading between the lines in 2018 it seemed like they either scrapped and restarted the actual code, or it was put on hold in 2017. The product we got in August 2018 felt like about 6 months of work including all the code pulled from PoGo.

    Ingress 2.0 was always on the cards, but the **** of RoboVM didn't really make it faster given that Niantic paid for extensions to its support.

    Prime's two biggest flaws (from the outside looking in) seem to have been a lack of team members on the development, and a fundamental lack of understanding how the UI was used by actual players. The beta is a far cry from what was released at the end of that year, and a lot of players should be credited for making the game not completely fold upon Prime's release.

    *mutters about airborne fields with links that change position with perspective*

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    Just give it a try for a while and try to get used to it. I cringe when I see old 1.x Ingress screenshots now. Going backwards to that old UI would sink the game completely at this point.

  • There is no change to the burster range between Prime and the old client, so I'm not sure what you mean with that.

  • You are right. I will play this weekend and try to get use to it. So, no option on Android to change language to English?

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    u must change your phone language to english then ingress will to be.

  • Never say Never, many retro games have been migrated on upgraded platforms! and if Nia. gets kicked into touch then there is a definite possibility! They have totally destroyed the game dynamics, game stability & usability is poor & utmost lost player trust. The latest blurb is quite weird though not surprising, rolling out new game features to encourage game play yet pushing the BS msg that everybody's safety through the pandemic is their utmost priority well DUH! :-( Unfortunately this organization doesn't learn from its mistakes and therefore it has, and will keep losing its player base constantly.

  • I don't no if it is a bug, but I need to scroll the Intel messages every time to the newest ones. Intel does not show info on time. And I don't figure out how to know if mods (specially shields) are destroyed when attacking. Only workaround I found is to get out of attack and check shields state in portal info. Does the app show some animation when mods are destroyed?

  • comm - bug. may be fixed in 2.58

    the app shows animation, but it is difficult to see it.

  • It's not coming back. You can lay that idea to rest. RoboVM isn't getting an upgrade, it's gone. And even if it somehow did, Niantic isn't going to spend resources to redevelop Ingress on it either.

  • RoboVM is the framework that was being used by the original Ingress scanner. When Niantic developped PoGo, they used the Unity framework instead. RoboVM got discontinued, meaning Ingress would have to be rewritten to use Unity. Since they had to completely rewrite Ingress, called Ingress Prime, they took the opportunity to implement some improvements in how the scanner communicates with the servers. Once Ingress Prime was released and the original scanner was discontinued, Niantic was able to implement those changes on the server. The original scanner would not be able to connect to the Ingress servers anymore.

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    We haven't actually got confirmation yet that the shim that allowed Ingress Prime to connect to the Redacted servers was ever removed, because we're still using the old server core, albeit AppEngine inside Google Cloud.

    So whether the Redacted client could connect to the server (avoiding the shim) isn't settled. It definitely wouldn't be able to use many of the new features though.

    The biggest reason Redacted had to go is that Google and Apple won't let you release on a deprecated framework after support ends. That's part of why Redacted was a 'beta product'.

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    this is MAP interfase

    and this is too

    and this

    and this


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    The modern interface of the game is primitive and poor. It feels like it was made by people with no taste or design skills. It is neither ergonomic nor comfortable. I tell you this as an end user of your product.

    The inventory is not ergonomic, the map is not visible on a clear fine day. Links look like a dotted line even on the most modern smartphones. to find the right key sometimes it takes more than a minute to rummage through the inventory. Around a bunch of black void, unpainted, even with a primitive texture. This dares the beauty-loving players. Streets hanging in the dark, the edges of which are not straight, but covered like a saw - with teeth. Portals resembling a grenade explosion in the game from 2001. Miserable, very miserable and inconvenient.

    But the height of idiocy is to make a game in neon style from the 80s ...

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