New item: Kinetic Capsule

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Kinetic Capsule is a unique type of Capsule that crafts items through a combination of XM, Materials (items), and kinetic energy charged by walking a predetermined distance.  

At launch, we are releasing a Common Kinetic Capsule to Agents Level 6 and higher, which is indestructible and reusable. Level 6 Agents can now claim 1 Common Kinetic Capsule for free at the Store. There are 4 known Programs (crafting instructions) for 1 Very Rare Portal Shield, Heat Sink, Multi-Hack, or SoftBank Ultra Link.

After claiming your Kinetic Capsule from the Store, it will appear in your inventory under Capsules. The Kinetic Capsule management menu allows you to select from a menu of known Programs, which are instructions that can be executed to craft a specific item. These Programs require 6000XM and 8km of walking in addition to the specific items consumed by the Common Kinetic Capsule. 

There are four Very Rare items that can be crafted through the Common Kinetic Capsule:

  • 1 Very Rare Portal Shield: 3 Rare Shield; 3 L4 XMP (or higher); 3 L4 Resonator (or higher)
  • 1 Very Rare Heat Sink: 3 Rare Heat Sink; 3 L4 Resonator (or higher)
  • 1 Very Rare Multi-Hack: 3 Rare Multi-Hack; 3 L4 Resonator (or higher)
  • 1 SoftBank Ultra Link: 3 Rare Link Amp; 3 L4 XMP (or higher); 3 L4 Resonator (or higher)

To help illustrate, in order to craft 1 SoftBank Ultra Link, you must have 3 Rare Link Amps; 3 L4 XMPs (or higher); 3 L4 Resonators (or higher) in your inventory and a minimum of 6,000XM to start your Program. Once the Kinetic Capsule has reached a walking distance of 8km, you’ll receive a COMM Alert notifying you of the completion and to claim your item. 

Items consumed for the Kinetic Capsule Program will be immediately removed from your inventory count, and Programs cannot be paused or canceled. 

Please note that if you've reached your inventory capacity limit while a Program is running, the Kinetic Capsule will still complete the item creation process and you will be able to claim the crafted item.

For a limited time, two Bundles will be available in the store to help you set foot in running your first Program with the Kinetic Capsule:

  • Kinetic Starter Bundle (0 CMU): 3x Rare Link Amp, 3 L4 XMP, and 3 L4 Resonator
  • Kinetic Program Bundle (2,000 CMU): 3x Rare Shield, 3x Rare Multi Hack, 3x Rare Heat Sink, and 3x Rare Link Amp

In the future, additional Programs for other items may be discovered through the Portal Network, and Rare or Very Rare Kinetic Capsules that can affect walking distance requirements may become available as paid, consumable items in the Ingress Store. Adventure Sync is not part of this release, but we have updated how distance tracking is measured to be consistent with other Niantic games (when Adventure Sync isn’t enabled).

Update: Your stats on how many Kinetic Capsule Programs completed will be displayed as "Kinetic Capsules Completed", under Health.

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