One Ingress/Niantic account connected to two Google accounts

SIowkingSIowking ✭✭
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Hello, I seem to have hit some sort of Account duplication during the swap from SCANNER redacted to Ingress prime, which has resolved in my account Ingress account accessible from multiple Google-emails when signing in.

Logging in to Ingress from either account gives me access to the same account with same name, inventory, keys, everything but with a separate Niantic Social page.

I've seen this article which seem to refer to a backend error, which I seem to have gone wrong at about the same time:

The reason this is bugging me now is Wayfarer, as I also seem to have 2 wayfarer accounts with the same nomination database, but with separate upgrade progress.

Also other Niantic games points to the wrong account, which means I don't get credited for my work in wayfarer in other games.

I've tried to contact the Ingress in-game support, but with little to no help at all... Seems to be the same type of front-end/bot answers,but sadly this isn't a thing any bot can show me how to fix, as it needs to be fixed on Niantics end.

Any idea how to get in contact with a real person backend supporter, who is able to resolve my problem?

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