Account that is not in database, but exists and it's active.

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Hi, I had to use a friend's account to make this post because I can't login to my Forum account (explanation below):

After September ban wave, which iOS 14 and IITC users received a strike, I was one of the people who also received a strike. When requesting a ban appeal, I received the message that they were unable to find an account associated with the codename and e-mail I entered. However, the e-mail address and codename were correctly.

I requested another ban appeal and received the same message again. So I texted the game chat in the "Contact Us" tab asking why they were not finding my codename associated with the e-mail I had sent and if there was anything I could do. The answer was that after reviewing my account, they confirmed that the e-mail is indeed associated with the given codename, so I thought everything was resolved.

A week after the stike, access to Intel Map and COMM were restored again, as expected, although I did not receive any messages when logging into the updated game to confirm whether the ban was removed or not.

However two weeks after the strike, even though I stopped using IITC, I was unable to log in to Intel Map and Forums.

When trying to log in Intel Map using both Google and Facebook login methods, the message they show is: "Account not found. Create an Ingress account via the Ingress mobile app.". And when trying to enter the Wayfarer Forum and / or Ingress Forum, trying through the three available login methods (Apple, Facebook and Google), they show the message: "Something went wrong, please try again."

I can still log into the game normally, Mission Creator and Wayfarer. It's just not entering Intel Map and Forums. What makes me even more confused, why can't I log in to Intel Map and Forums, but I can access the game, Wayfarer and Mission Creator?

Anyway, this message is not only about ban appeal, I was using IITC and I understand the strike. But to try to understand what is happening with my account and why Niantic are not finding my codename associated with my e-mail in any of the available login methods. (There was no codename change in my account and the e-mail remains the same).

I have the account associated with all login methods (Google, Facebook and Apple), and I normally use Google's login method. I've been playing daily since 2017 and I've been to several events like Mission Days and Anomaly. I used a lot of my life time in this game, just to lose my account due to a possible bug. What is also worrying me is: because Niantic are not finding my codename associated with my e-mail and saying that it does not exist, may I not receive the new badges such as IFS badge, year badge etc?

Tickets: #9825013, #9885217, #9945588, #9949808 (all of them received the automatic response and were unable to answer or resolve the login issue and why they cannot find the codename associated with the correctly informed e-mail.)

I was unable to find ticket numbers for messages sent to support via the game chat.

Ticket: #10050375 (this was the last call I made to support on 10/07, but I haven't had an answer yet).

I check my e-mails daily, in the trash, spam etc. And I log in using the correct e-mail that is linked to my codename. In case someone tells me to do this.

Can someone help me? What can I do to regain normal access to my account? @NianticBrian @NianticCasey @NianticPooja @NianticAndres @NianticAustin @NianticOfficial

Sorry for any mistake in writing, English is not my native language. Thank you!

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    Does your account name include any unusual characters (accents or punctuation perhaps) or any confusing uses of similar characters (like O/0 or l/1)?

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    My friend is also experiencing a similar problem, he is no longer able to access the ingress forum and the wayfarer, after he changed the email, the game enter normal.

    Google translator.

  • Hello Fellow Agents,

    good day!

    i would like to seek/raise my concern regarding on my friend issue s/he cannot be sign-in/login in this site (ingress community forum) does anyone else experienced same issue as well?

    his/her account already exist on this forum but as of the moment when s/he tried login/signin his/her account cannot be login /sign-in anymore.

    please see below screenshot of "error" when login/sign-in this site (ingress community forum).

    kindly please help us on this matter @NianticBrian@NianticCasey. thanks in advance as well :)

  • I had a issue similar to this with my account. I can't log into the forums and I can't log into Intel Map either.

    I had to use my friend's account to be able to make a post on the forum, but until today no one from Niantic answered me either in my post, nor by email to the support I sent. Niantic's lack of communication is revolting.

    The post I made:

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    Can someone for God's sake answer me, please? @NianticAndres @NianticAustin @NianticBC @NianticBrian @NianticCasey @NianticPooja

    I have been trying to contact support for more than a month to resolve the login issue reported in the post above and follow without ANY response from any Niantic member.

    The only things I was able to log into were Wayfarer and Mission Creator. as stated in the post above. But now I am unable to log into Wayfarer.

    I was reviewing on Wayfarer today in the afternoon, and now 3 hours later, I am not able to log in to my Wayfarer account either. It says that the account is not eligible and that I am not at level 10, but I have been level 10+ since 2017 and even recursed.

    Can any Niantic member give a signal of what may be happening to my account and why am I unable to log into Intel Map, Forums and now Wayfarer? Mission Creator and the game are running normally. I'm login using the correct e-mail that is linked to my codename.

    #10539244 Ticket number for the last message on the support I sent and I didn't get a response.

  • i can't login intel map, i have the same problem from almost 6 months ago

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