The Score Board with Secondary Focused on Other Badges

I kind of understand why the scoreboard focuses on MU since this is an AR capture the flag type game. What I am wondering is why not have a secondary stat on the scoreboard that rotates and focuses on different badges?


  • HydracyanHydracyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    Not necessarily on badges, but the status.

    I think that resonators destroyed, portals captured, portal online are valid status to count as a team score.

  • You eloquently expanded on what I was meaning to say. Some of the badges measure some stats that could count towards team score.

  • Instead of rotating, why not have different scoreboards permanently.

    For each cycle, show a bunch of stats, and each scoreboard contributes to an overall win. MU captured vs MU held vs Portals Captured, Resos destroyed, even XM recharged.

    That way you can see the active players in your region, for more than just MU. Some people really enjoy recharging, so why not allow them to be recognized for it.

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