Invalid portal report: Campovolo (,10.669622)

Name: Campovolo

Cordinate: 44.699306,10.669622

Intel link:,10.669622

City: Reggio Emilia

Country: Italy

One of the IDs of the many rejection emails: t5phr9sUbRLQwoyGptebd8pAkW7AtRiC9X2mXIh6X4c=

In the first picture we notice the presence of the angar and various structures in the vicinity (alongside and behind).

In the next picture we can see how, behind the anagar, the construction of the RCF Arena Reggio Emilia (, has begun.

As we can see from the next pictures the anagar has been demolished

From google maps it is not possible to notice it because the footage is now obsolete.

Another photos

And in this article In this article you can read how the parachuting school (BFU) has moved.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



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