XF FieldArt “The Bermudas Triangle” in Brussels

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The idea for this operation was literally born out of love for art. @TwilightZon3r and I have spent years talking that one of the most beautiful parts of Ingress is the ability to do XF FieldArts. We always read SITREPs from fieldARTs around the world. One day I told him that the last XF FieldArt in Belgium was made in 2015 in tribute to the victims of the Terrorists attacks of that year. So we said: let's make one. !!!

We’ve spend some time looking at images and thinking what would be easier to do between two players (as a first experiment) and we found this wonderful two-color multifield that we have named “The Bermuda Triangles” inspired in this XF FieldArt https://www.reddit.com/r/Ingress/comments/2v7i1i/xfaction_art/

So last saturday It didn’t exactly went as plan as it started to rain really heavily and we made a couple mistakes because of that but in the end we’re happy with the result 🤗Everything was done by foot and public transport!

You can still enjoy the visual effect here: https://intel.ingress.com/intel?ll=50.854455,4.344234&z=15

P.S. It is sad that we cannot show you the video where you can appreciate the wonderful visual effect created by the superposition of the fields of the two colors.



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