Meetup at Comic-Con (SDCC)?

Anyone interested in meeting up in San Diego during Comic-Con? Maybe Sunday at Waterfront Park at the fountain (San Diego Country Administration portal)?


  • It would be nice to see you again! I'd be more inclined to join though if it were a little closer to the Convention Center, like Ruocco Park, but the County building does make for a nice group photo.

  • GPC2CGPC2C ✭✭

    Ruocco Park sgtm. I'm not sure what the setup is like this year, I'll be there on Thurs, so maybe near the Human Statue portal (ll=32.710593,-117.172478)?

  • jplolojplolo ✭✭✭

    @goliadtx help me get a ticket and I'd love to. Been trying for 4 years now but never make the cut. Starting to give up.

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