Gameplay Feedback - Request Portal Scan Tutorial

I request that a scan tutorial be added to the game. I know there is one which I found here:

But I think that agents attempting to submit scans would benefit from a tutorial viewed before their first scan. That way, agents will know what constitutes a good scan and what should be avoided. When I think of it, the following questions came to my mind when scanning:

1) How should an agent move when scanning portals? From reading the tutorial, I learned that the following movements are ok:

  • Moving parallel to the portal
  • Moving in an orbit while keeping the portal in frame. (Circle strafing the portal, if you will)
  • Starting from a distance away from a portal, then moving close up.

Further the following movement should be avoided:

  • Standing still and moving the camera in an arc.

Can agents get creative with how they move? For example, could an agent start with a movement that is like an orbit, then get close up and move parallel to a wall? Or, could an agent make a scan by starting at a low position and moving vertically up?

2) What if a portal marks two or more objects? For instance, let's say the portal marks two murals that are on different walls. These walls are over 5 feet apart. Is it ok to scan each object separately?

3) Should agents scan signs that contain written information?

4) What if a portal marks a mostly empty space? A good example might be a portal marking a playground or a baseball diamond.

5) Can the camera be held horizontally to capture a wider area?


  • Playgrounds and baseball diamonds are mentioned in the support page.

    "Medium Portals (statues; playground structures; informational signs; etc.): Walk 360 degrees around the Portal, if possible."

    "If the Portal is a park or athletic field, try to focus on free-standing elements that are most representative of that Portal. If you are able to continue Portal Scanning further, you can connect free-standing elements by getting two or more of them filmed in the same Portal Scan."

    I'm not sure about holding the camera horizontally, but theoretically it should be okay, since portal scanning also notes how your device was held.

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