Calvin's Speech at NIA

Truthseekers: The Exogenous are gone. Nemesis is gone. But our fight is far from over.

For those of you just joining us: My name is P.A. Chapeau. For years, I have been on a mission to uncover the truth of the XM conspiracy and make all of that information available to the public. And, oftentimes, this has brought me into conflict with the NIA, the secret government agency that is perhaps most culpable of perpetuating the hoax that XM doesn’t exist. 

Now, over the course of the past year, my relationship with the NIA changed. With the threats posed by Nemesis and then the impending Exogenous invasion, I felt I had no choice but to throw in with the NIA against those common enemies. And, much as it pains me to say it, I became something of an NIA spokesman, a point person who coordinated their efforts and those of you Ingress Agents around the world towards the goal of completing the Tessellation. Well, as most of you know, in the end, those efforts were successful, and both the threats of Nemesis and the Exogenous were quelled.

But, despite all the strides that we have made, the existence of XM is still the world’s worst-kept secret. Secret government organizations and corporate interests continue to be the only ones in a position to exploit XM, while the wool is continually pulled over the eyes of the people at large. And in light of this, now that Nemesis and the Exogenous are gone, my conscience dictates that I distance myself from the NIA once more - at least until such time as they see fit to lift the veil of secrecy around Exotic Matter research.

So, with that in mind… let me share with you this transcript I got ahold of, a speech made by Ezekiel Calvin last week, on the day he resumed his position as director of the NIA. Now, the fact that they would reinstall Calvin into the top spot is not at all surprising. But what is interesting is some of the new details he tells us about the NIA’s newest XM construct, the Battle Beacon. And, look, everything they said about what it means now to capture a Portal in a post-Exogenous world… that’s all well and good. But, the Ingress Scanner, and related Exotic Matter tech like these Battle Beacons, they don’t come cheap. The NIA is funded by a nigh-bottomless black budget, and the government doesn’t spend that kind of money if there isn’t something in it for them. So, that, today, is the question I pose to you, Truthseekers: What do we think the NIA stands to gain from the proliferation of the Battle Beacons? If we read between the lines, how does this new feature of the Scanner help them?

As, always, Truthseekers, I look forward to your thoughts in the comments. Stay safe, and keep me updated.




  • Neku69Neku69 ✭✭✭✭
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    I'd like to share with you my opinion about something about the speech:

    Ezekiel Calvin says:

    "In the past, when Ingress Agents captured Portals, they were always resonating those Portals to their Faction. However, a side-effect of that resonation was that it primed the XM coming out of those Portals for use by their associated Exogenous entities; Shapers for the Enlightened, N’zeer for the Resistance.

    But, with the Exogenous out of the picture, capturing a Portal will now prime the XM coming through that Portal for use by us. No longer will XM be transmitting the ideas and ideologies of extra-dimensional aliens… from now on, the ideas and ideologies transmitted by the XM will come directory from the Resistance and the Enlightened; From the people that make up those Factions."

    And I don't really know what to think about this. Let me explain the ENL case (I'm ENL):

    We believe that XM harbors human creativity, XM is the next step for the human evolution and we want it to be spread worldwide. However, Nemesis Yuri Nagasa (Perpetua), spoke about the Green Harvest:

    She stated that Shapers feed upon our thoughts, and those thoughts were nurtured by XM. Taken together, if the Shapers influenced our ideology, we were no more than cattle to them, so what's left to the ENL after Tesselation? Our ideology may be a big lie, and I am afraid that the same statement could be applied to the RES (but I don't know how to reason it properly since I am not RES).

    I would love if someone could clarify on this as well, I've got the feeling that Ezekiel Calvin was talking about several factions and I've read @Ishira about this several times. Does that means that our logos are about to change? Aren't our logos influenced by the exos who are now banished?

  • So, the legend is true!!!

    I saw a message for Calvin!!! The future of Ingress is nearly upon us all!!!

    After the epic battle against the nemesis, the Shapers and the faction must be learn the secrets of the universe and multiverse to connect them all!!

  • Officially the entire basis for the existence of the Resistance has ended.

    Hang up your hats and either change factions, or admit you've been repressive big government lackeys all along.

  • SielDragonSielDragon ✭✭✭✭

    I'm personally worried, NIA will bring about a global anomaly. First, NIA will combine Battle Beacon TECH and RPE TECH to create a more casual matching system. Ingress Agents will then be able to participate in Battle Beacons from anywhere in the world. Depopulated areas no longer exist. Then NIA will enable battle beacons at the same time in the world. Portals around the world will become battlefields, creating the largest anomaly in history.

  • We expect that NIA does not use the Beacon technology in order to pinpoint specific XM locations and end up overloading or causing another kind of anomaly....But that's probably something that we should be really worried about.

    Mr. Ezekiel Calvin, being portraited as the Patron archetype would be clearly NIA's option to resume his position. Yet, many things remain cryptic about his intentions, as even his speech is surrounded by markings and codes.

    The motto remains the same as in our "battle" against Nemesis: Staying safe and uncovering any details by decoding and analyzing evidence around us.

    @Truthseeker We thank you for you help and are always ready to help you, Stay safe!

    Best Regards!

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