Is Edgar Allen Wright part of Requiem?

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PAC has revealed himself in the Essex tg chat and caused quite a stir this morning with a lot of questions to follow. Some already knew who he was but chose to let him reveal himself when the time came so theres some extra information that was shared that i would like to bring here for everyone to discuss!

EAW, Edgar Allen Wright, is the founding father of Operation Essex, which started on gplus in 2013. (RIP GPLUS) It has since grown from a hangouts chat to now a telegram chat with the same purpose it has always had. We have known for years that Edgars mind was fractured/shattered. He has,over the years, asked for help from truthseekers or lead us down paths of discoveries around the NIA. If Edgar ever spoke to us, there was normally something to find. He has been part of the back bone of the investigation. But who he actually is and what happened to him has been a mystery for most parts as like most things in investigations, the full story has yet to be put together.

We knew things, like Edgar having involvement with the NIA at points. He's had connections with them and the researchers in the past, in fact at one point was part of experiments in the NIA the 1218 . He also had Flint, who also has these connections, helping him at times to give us more information on him or to make sense of some of what the good doctor was saying. Some of Edgars messages havent been clear but what was clear is that in Edgars fractured mind there was a lot of information on the NIA and specific events. We knew his fractured mind came from an experiment at one point and that was later revealed to have happened during an rpe. In recent years it was even revealed that Edgar wasnt originally from 1218.

So why go through all of these bullet points? Well, at one point in the Tessellation it was brought up, what if Edgar was a part of Nemesis? See Edgar had difficulties coming from 1218 to the Osiris universe. He has been notably absent since we came over, there has been a lot of concern on that, but as the tessellation was being put together what had happened to Edgar in the past was being brought up. Once it was discovered that Nemesis Calvins, aka Requiems, mind was shattered an eerie theory was brought up in Essex. What if Edgar was a part of Requiems mind that shattered in an rpe?

On the Requiem Unmasked tesserae, under extended intel it states the following;

"On the fateful night that Didact was conducting his power cube test on Nemesis Node, Requiem was engaged in a Remote Participation Experience to 1218 Node. And when Epiphany Night triggered in Nemesis Node, it initiated the Exogenous invasion. The ensuing destruction damaged Requiem's body, and trapped his mind in 1218. Even after Requiem's mind and body were reunited, he was a shadow of his former self, requiring life-sustaining machines to keep him functional and healthy."

It is from this that investigators in Essex started putting pieces together and questioned whether or not Edgar Allen Wright is a part of Requiems mind that was left behind in 1218 to become its own being there in the body that Requiem used to rpe in.

Now to bring up the information brought to Essex this morning. Agent Mustafa said decided to ask PAC about Edgars whereabouts now and was given this information.

"That is a difficult question, which i dont have a definitive answer to. One believable theory is that EAW is in fact a piece of Nemesis-Calvin, aka Requiem's mind. It may be reunited with the body at the moment."

So Essex is not alone in this being possibly true. While its far from confirmation at this point there is something to say about PAC thinking it could be truth as well. Mumu then stated in chat that PAC is trying to locate Edgar but before that it would be up to us to steer our own ship. Meaning at this time, Edgar is surely unable to steer the investigation.

What do you think agents? Do you think our good doctor, who has directed the investigation for years, is in fact part of Calvins mind from another universe? Do you think that Edgar has known this? This brings many questions as to what has actually lead Edgar to share information with investigators/truthseekers for years and we may never get confirmation of it. But does it change everything we thought we knew? I would love to hear everyones thoughts on this theory.


Also a reminder here that everyone is welcome in the Operation Essex tg chat. Unlike when the group first came out there isnt currently any requirements to join Essex and its free for anyone interested in investigations to join. Feel free to contact any of the admins found at @OperationEssex on Telegram to be added to the group.

Edit* I want it to be clear i did not come up with this theory, this was certainly explored by many agents in Essex and i support it. This is an attempt to get the converstations in Essex out to the agents here in the forums to involve everyone in the discussions we have there. It is an older theory that has been explored since Requiem Unmasked but since the conversation started again today due to a comment made by PAC, i thought it would be nice to bring it up here today as well.


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