The NIAs secret project

About a month ago, admins of Operation: Essex confirmed that our dear @Truthseeker joined the group under the codename "AL 13". We decided to not share this information yet, as we wanted PAC to introduce himself directly. That didn't stop us from nagging him via private messages though. While @Ishira is currently working on a post regarding EAW, I want to bring attention to something that was already noticed by other agents, but not much talked about.

About 3 weeks ago, the NIA unveiled a new feature of the Ingress Scanner, the "Niantic profile". With that announcement came a screenshot from the scanner, showing the new button that accesses the Niantic profile. Attention was drawn to the badges of the profile show though. Among the ones already well known a new one, never seen before, was spotted. Speculation ran wild, and I asked PAC if he knew by chance what the badge was for. He replied that he thinks it's related to a project he has been tracking, which the NIA has been working on for a while, even during the time we dealt with Nemesis and the Tessellation. He also believes it's about to surface, and that the inclusion in the screenshot wasn't a coincidence.

The reason I'm sharing this here now is because, once again, the NIA is working on another project that will very likely impact the agents around the world, and I'm trying to not let this go unnoticed. Maybe other investigators have heard something about it that might shed light on this "secret project".



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