Major App / Account Issues!

Ok I do not know what is going on but Ingress / Niantic needs to fix this fast before I lose my 500+ day Sojurner badge!!!

Its obviously a server error / bug with something Nia has done recently.

I attempt to log into my account. I can't. I get an error message "error loading ingress account data" and this just loops forever (pressing ok causes it to continue to close then re-open forever, you need to uninstall the app to get rid of it)

I attempt to log into WayFarer and it lets me in BUT ALL my nominations after July 20th have DISAPEARED! Like every single one. (Oddly enough it shows my upgrades redeemed is now 30, when it was 26 last week when I checked... so it maybe giving extra upgrades or just a bug who knows)

I attempt to log into Intel and this is where it gets super weird and has me spooked. Anyone else see anything similar? I log in using my Google email + password. It loads Intel and I can clearly see my character name / level etc. BUT the email address listed in top right corner is NOT MY EMAIL! It is a totally different (random) email (???)


  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    have u switched email on your account before? or maybe u got hacked ? sounds weird yes...

  • Nope never.

    I did regain access to my account, and the log in is working under my email, but oddly the email for Intel is still showing wrong.

    Also my Wayfarer submissions have all re-appeared so only outstanding issue is Intel.

  • But essentially

    I log into Intel using email [email protected]

    Then up in top right corner I see listed [email protected]

    Like these 2 emails have nothing in common whatsoever....

    My only guess at this point is there is some glitch from Ingress pulling data from either Facebook or Pokemon GO since I have accounts under them as well.

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