#VFS Pymmes Park, Enfield (London), UK

Another month, another episode in our saga of Wayfarer themed First Saturdays.

This month, as voted by our community, we are at Pymmes Park, Enfield - a Burough of North West London.

Pymmes has been iconic to the Wayfarer community due to some “interesting” candidates over the years.

Official POCs this month were Qwizical 💙 and YouLostAStar 💚.

I was supposed to the the ENL POC this month but I has recursed back to Res sooner than expected, so thank you to Paul for steeping in.

Qwizcial was streaming Wayfarer on Twitch, with support from Niantic while I handed the chat, scoresheet, zoom and our own reviewing competition.

We had a fantastic turnout and a lot of engagement with all the activities we had to offer and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

Thanks to ZombieSazza for making our pic collage, as always, this is a fantastic job.

Thanks to all for coming, and for the awesome people at FEV games for making these events possible. 💙💚

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