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Thank you for the update, however, there is an unresolved common facet to the two issues: terrible communication.

Poor Wording

The verbiage of emails sent to agents reinstated after appeals still implied they had done something wrong and were on thin ice when, in fact, they had done nothing wrong.

What is Niantic going to do to clarify this for, and make right with, affected players?

Terrible handling of appeals

The appeals process for agents affected by false positives went something like:

  • Submit appeal
  • 5-10 minutes later, receive clearly automated message indicating ban will stick despite "thorough" review
  • Wait for community backlash to take effect
  • Appeal is now, as if by magic, actually considered

What is Niantic going to do to restore confidence in a fair and just process for appealing unjust actions taken against an account?

Terrible handling of community-scope event

While I understand that Niantic Ops doesn't necessarily work closely with the other teams, the sheer lack of preparedness for the impacts of a ban-wave is unacceptable.

Given the nature of the things targeted in account bans (esp. "storing these items", given the nature of gear exchanges across community), "false positives" aren't just possible - they're all-but guaranteed. As a brief example, it's entirely possible gear has exchanged hands one or more times before sitting in a capsule for a long time - that doesn't mean the end recipient was aware of the root of the gear.

And yet, Niantic was entirely unprepared to handle appeals - instead of having anyone on standby to perform customer service duties, it took a community thread and nearly a week of waiting for access to be restored for some agents - during which the best communication we received was "we're bringing this up with the team".

How is Niantic and/or Niantic Ops going to better serve the players going forward? What is Niantic going to do to avoid further eroding trust?


  • Good job niantic. In an increasingly dwindling player base you ban a group of players unjustifiably, then double down on their unjust bans, only then to triple down. Don’t give strikes just permaban these obvious cheaters, who did nothing but updated to iOS 14.

  • 3car3car ✭✭✭

    Leaves obvious spoofers and multi accounts, catches iOS. I can accept that it is hard to catch spoofers and backpacks by system, but giving strikes to the innocent makes me feel that not spoofing/using multi-accounts are the people losing out. Why play normal when you can get banned the same way? Lack of communication makes me think this way.

  • If something like this had happened in their games that make decent money like Pokémon GO, there would be some kind of “apology gift” but as it’s Ingress, nothing as expected.

  • jsylvisjsylvis ✭✭✭✭

    We're at roughly a half month after this and have still only heard... silence.

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