[Bug Report] Portal Scan Upload failing

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Summary of issue: Getting "Portal Scan Upload Failed" message after making 20+ Scans

Device: OnePlus6T

OS: Android 10 (OxygenOS 10.3.5)

App Version 2.55.1-r9974a5f

After doing 20+ Portal Scans one afternoon I tried to do an upload. The spinning wheel started to spin but froze after a moment, followed by the "Portal Scan Upload Failed" message. Unfortunately the next tries gave the same result.

Restarting App, clearing Cache, restarting phone didn't help.

I haven't done new scans since then as they wouldn't upload too I guess.

I've experienced this before when I tried uploading more than 5-10 Scans at a time, although then some Scans came through before the freeze/fail. This time though not one single scan got uploaded.

My "solution" before was to clear the storage, but of course this deletes the scans on my phone :(

Is there any way to rescue those scans or do I have to delete them if I want to make successfull scans again?

Until two updates ago my scanner crashed every second/third scan, I really like that I can scan without having to restart the app so often now! I really enjoy scanning, it's just very frustrating that it doesn't work as intended for me :(

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  • KhatreKhatre ✭✭✭✭✭

    got this once too, lost 30 scans.

    now i just upload them as i took them. But it use a lot a data....

  • I started portal scanning this past July and have done a small amount at a time for a total of 36 scans which all seemed to have eventually uploaded successfully.

    Day 1, I did 14 portal scans, uploaded later, 7 uploaded successfully, then I received the Upload fail message or the app shut down. I didn't delete the rest of my scans.

    Day 2, after doing several more scans, uploading later, all portal scans from Day 1 and 2 all uploaded successfully.

    After this, I think I've had days where I did a few scans and wasn't able to upload at all but I didn't take note of it. I didn't delete the scans.

    In general for me, sometimes there's successful uploads/failures, then after doing more scans, failed uploads from previous days eventually are successful. If your uploads are failing, my advice is to try doing an additional scan, and seeing if that triggers successful uploads.

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