[Feature Request] Cell Status Information

The status of the cell (amount of MU that each faction has accumulated so far in the cycle) is currently tucked away behind the Scores tab, and therefore perhaps sometimes forgotten or ignored. It takes a bit of navigation and interpretation to find and parse the information.

To give it more prominence and encouragement to create fields, how about

1: a new popup of the status of the MU at each checkpoint showing at least the leading faction, MU and remaining checkpoint in the cycle.

2: a new popup at the end of the cycle showing at least the winning faction and MU.

3: Some new permanent visual clues in the UI like remaining time to CP/End of Cycle and current leading faction in the cell.

It would make the UI a little bit more busy, but done the right way, it wouldn´t have to be too intrusive or cluttered.

The benefit, I think, is that it would emphasize the ENL vs RES part of the game, and (perhaps optimistically) encourage team spirit, fields and OPs.


  • The 'during cycle' is available on the Intel map. And the Intel map is a better place to provide it.

    Not being able to view the previous cycle on the Intel map is definitely a hole though, because the final checkpoint disappears immediately

  • 1valdis1valdis ✭✭✭✭✭

    I'm sick of popups after they've added that annoyance of a safety popup. So no more popups.

  • Far too many popups in that proposal. I'm already annoyed enough to click away two popups for a single Glyph hack now... My Thumb will get sore with this 🤣

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