Spoofers destroy the game for legit players



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    One of the most famous ENL player in mainland China, also currently named as the P.O.C. i.e. one of the leaders of Enlightment China and ENL Shanghai, got its first account permanently banned (data deletion, i.e. becoming "unknown") for spoofing. Not rumors, it's the fact that every senior player in China knows.

    However that player is still playing with at least 5 sub-accounts which as a fact was known by every high-level player in Shanghai. I've also questioned here on the forum about why that player got a Tessellation badge with seemingly no contribution to the ENL faction, but still other leaders of the whole ENL faction in Asia is protecting him, and they are encouraging ENL players on global scale to collectively "Disagree" every comment of mine as an revenge.

    I won't be surprised if in the future Ingress team reopens the visibility of Disagree on this forum and instantly people's seeing some seemingly good guys are joining this "Disagree game" which is in fact a hate crime.

    Obviously if Niantic does not care about such things then the community itself could not make things right because the community in some area is the origin of the cheating problem. As far as I know, Niantic really does not care, at least not on that specific level.

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    When we see someone calling reporters of spoofing case by "whiners" like this, we knows that he/she is 99.99% a spoofer.

    Looking forward to such spoofers being banned in the long term future with the help of "whiners" that they once trolled at.

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    I have found applications that simulate gps movement between two points using roads and with a specific speed.

    How can they detect all spoofing? only if whoever uses the application is not careful. You report and they must be sure about ban them. A small part of the total.

    Long time ago i thought that Niantic could do more preventing spoofing, but now I think they should modify the rules to avoid so much pain to legit players.

  • they cant detect andriod spoofer

    never see NIA ban a Andriod spoofer on pokemon go

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    I've never seen NIA ban any spoofer definitely on pokemon go tbf, every spoofer once banned has return eventually. But I can't know if they were using Android or iOS, and I wouldn't be able to know it in Ingress either.

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    Niantic bans accounts. Determining that flesh-bag A created Account 1 and Account 2 is hard. Once you ban those accounts, it's even harder to tell that it was flesh-bag A and not flesh-bag B that created Account 3.

  • I have a spoofer in my area. I've taken down a portal with multiple fields and links. As soon as I did EVERYTHING popped right back in place. Thought it might be a glitch and took everything down again. Low and behold everything came right back quicker than I took it down. I told the agent in comm "I saw that." His response was, I'm just trying to help you out with ap points. Well reported it because you can see in comm activities how fast stuff was magically done with his response. Well since then and other agents reporting similar stuff. That agent made level 16 in record time. He recused and made level 10 in 2 days after that. He's not hiding it at all. So if you find someone spoofing just don't even worry about it. That's the way the game is played.

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    It's not hard to ban multiple related accounts especially for iphones. Niantic don't do it because they don't want to, not because they couldn't. Trying to hide the truth from the public while most of the spoofers know it is not helping anti-cheating.

  • And this is why they don't reply on the posts where they didn't ban someone. Why would they?

  • Because they banned the account. It just didn't disappear straight away because sometimes it takes time to be removed from the system.

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    SoMeTiMeS iT tAkEs TiMe To Be ReMoVeD

    spoofers are still playing

  • LuoboTiXLuoboTiX ✭✭✭✭

    while Niantic defenders would insist that spoofers are banned and rest of the "players" that have been reported are actually not spoofers upon full and careful review by Niantic Support. Very Funny

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