Have Nominations be uploaded in the background

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Previously with redacted, after you had gone through the steps to add a new portal and click submit, it would upload it in the background allowing you to continue to submit more portals comfort in the knowledge that if there was a timeout it would try again without effecting your gameplay.

With Prime this is no longer the case and you need to wait until the upload occurs before you can submit your next one which is a massive problem if you are in a low reception area (Eg. H+) as it never completes and just constantly times out (although you can play ingress at the same location capturing, linking, etc) and after a lot of frustration of clicking submit over and over again after it times out you just abandon the whole idea.

The ability to do remote nominations does help for objects which are easily visible on the map to select their location, it doesn't help when the nomination is on walking trail or some other location where the nomination is not visible to correctly be able to find the actual real world coordinates, coupled with the pictures you take during the nomination process do not save to your camera roll so even if you could locate it correctly you now have no photos to use.

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  • I know that @NianticBrian has said that using the same method as Portal Scanning is a good idea, but I don't know if they're actively working on it or not.

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    Lots of nominations i and my friend cant send in on locations on country side or locations with 0 portals. We have 4G somtimes low connection. I hope @NianticBrian help us and Niantic work hard to resolve it and works same good as REDACTED worked. Works play ingress when we test start Prime and test ****.

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