ban appeal for account that is not in database ?


my friend was banned during banwave that happened 2 weeks ago. he opened ban appeal, and received notifiaction, that his account was not found. he opened 2 more appeals, all with same result. I checked when he was sumitting, and his ingame name is same as in ban notification (and same as he was using), and his email address is same as was in ingress account termination email. is there some way how to reach human contact to get some normal response ?




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    The friend I'm trying to help has the same problem. Honestly, we don't know what's going on. I told her to get her GPDR data, in order to find what was going on, I suggest you to do the same and see if they lost the account or not.

    PS: Her ingame nickname is Frodonewton, in case someone read this.

  • My son received a couple emails stating the same thing...and that the email is different than associated with the agent name. Even though the ban email came to the correct email address. He keeps emailing them and nothing now...I wish Niantic would let people know what is going on!

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    I think it's because they won't recieve any ban appealing from that account, so it's like the account is lost.

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    First of all, I'd like to thank you for your answer, it's very reassuring to see someone from the staff replied the message, here you can check the IDs:

    Frodonewton: #9971555, #9813810, #9814522, #9764408

    RcJulitoL: #9955332 (did not recieve any answer)

    I'd like to say that these agents don't know English, that's why I am speaking on behalf of them.

    Finally, I'd love to thank you again for your answer and commitment with the agents.

  • Agent Neku69, Happy to help and thanks for your patience while our team looked into this.

    Ops looked into the appeals of these two Agents and can confirm that Frodonewton received a reply to ticket #9741292 and RcJulitoL received a reply to ticket #9944993. As mentioned in our Ban Appeals FAQ, Appeals sent after the final review may not receive a response. Please ask them to search their email inbox with these ticket IDs and they should see the response.

    We did notice an issue with the automated responses their new tickets received and we are working on fixing this issue. Thanks for flagging this here to help us identify the issue.

    Let me know if there's anything else I can help with.

  • @NianticPooja ticket numbers for my friends are 9886882, 9769108. question is, how could he receive termination notification email, if his account is not found ? you used his agentname and email adress in termination email. can someone look into how is that possible ? all details are in those tickets, and someone should be able to tell how is it possible that that account is not found.

  • hm, my friend wrote me he got another resonse, ban remains. who knows why, he did not play game since prime, but probably niantic knows why.

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