The Story of Czech RESCAMP 2020

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After the local COVID situation stabilized and the Czech goverment removed the restrictions, the Czech Resistance agents from all corners of the republic, have gathered for the 3rd time at the annual June RESCAMP event, to celebrate another succesful blue year, educate themselves in Ingress, meet new agents and enjoy a gorgeous sunny weekend.

As every year, the event turned out amazing, many surprises and gifts were prepared for agents, as well as an interesting program including a voyage on a CZRES boat. Our motto #CzResUnited was once again fulfilled and agents are already looking forward to the next year.

You can read more about this event below...


I remember like it was yesterday, me and @ramon83 sitting in a pub talking, what a pity it is that such a great event as the Niantic's 13MagnusReawakens camp is only somewhere in the Californian forests and how awesome it would be to have something similar over here…

Talks happened, chat was created, people were being added, ideas were being exchanged and in the end we met up on the 17th September 2017 in 17 people for 1 afternoon and 1 night in Drhleny on the area of 4 cabins and 1 garden grill to test this idea of ours…

And it was amazing!

The full-fledged follow-up event was decided instantaneously and the tradition of RESCAMP was founded. And even though some of those that were with us at the very beginning no longer play, RESCAMP carries on…

The 2018 and 2019 follow-ups kept the same format and happened in 3 days in Drhleny. You can read more about the first full-fledged RESCAMP in its report.


Fact that the CZRES is gathering like this from all over the republic for the third time is incredible. The event has evolved, new agents joined in and the original modest event has grown into a 4 day marathon filled with great atmosphere, awesome people and good mood…

RESCAMP2020 brought after 2,5 years a big change - an entirely new location!

From the deep north the event has moved to deep south - to a kemp with appropriate name Pohoda (something like "relax, peace, generally good pleasant mood") near the Vranov dam.

As an experienced orga team, we decided to test this idea, that was first brought up by @taurus72pv, firsthand and we were astonished by the place, options and general approach of the owner. We were also excited about a big surprise in form of our very own CZRES boat. And as a cherry on top we managed to get 2 portals approved in the kemp.

This experience together with an unavailability in Drhleny determined the fate of RESCAMP 2020.

And this fate hasn’t changed until the pandemic reached our lands. Coronavirus and the government restrictions connected to it severely endangered the realization of this event. Preparations were suspended and uncertainty was growing.

Fortunately, the situation has improved in the end and we could slide on the wave of restrictions easing that really worked out greatly for us. Some ideas sadly could not be done this late, but we can look forward to them next year - a great joy brought us that our friends from German and Austrian Resistances could confirm their participations.

The time was ticking, program was being finalized, clothing was being printed, agent names were filling ID cards and…


RESCAMP 2020 was here …

Because for some of the marathon runners the last events were too short, RESCAMP 2020 began already on Thursday afternoon, the first agents started gathering around 14:00. Camp was properly captured - portals and flags, fire was lit, welcoming swag packages prepared, bar opened and the fun was about to start…

Thursday in camp happened in the spirit of free fun and individual trips, exploration of all the options in camp and in bar. Swimming pool had a refreshing 18 degrees celsius, Pilsner beer was flowing and sausages were taking turns above the fire. Conversation near the fireplace continued until the early morning hours…

Friday was the day of arrivals, agents were coming to the kemp in dozens and were czeching-in. For the hungry ones, a goulash was prepared, for the ones hungry for swag, a welcoming package was also prepared, including an ID card, bio-cards and ordered RESCAMP branded clothes.

Until the evening we were just calmly drinking, lying around the pool and simply relaxing. During this time, the first of the series of Nemesis dead-drops, that were appearing throughout the weekend, was revealed. The only clue to the location of these mysterious packs were distorted photos.

After the most of the agents checked-in, the official welcoming to the RESCAMP 2020 could begin. This honor was as always granted to agent @Nearh with the help of translator @Arweth and motivational speaker @Ruscha. We thanked and gave gifts to our golden agents, @Nosanda and @Waheti, for the exceptional work that they have done on this event. Hawaiian wreaths were handed out to the agents and the evening party could commence…

@cicibu‘s treasure hunt

During the Friday afternoon, the CZRES Alpha contacted agent cicibu with a mysterious message about a treasure hidden in the kemp. After solving a series of riddles in time limited challenge against the Nemesis operatives, she succeeded and discovered a hideout in which an XM artifact was stored - this artifact transformed on contact to a brand new Ingress bio-cards. It is imperative to hand out or trade these artifacts for another with other Ingress agents…

In the evening we moved to the central fireplace for a group photo. Once again sausages and other snacks appeared over the fire. The brave ones went to try a night swim in even cooler pool. Party went on… an on.. Zzzz

Saturday morning was slow, agents were little by little collecting for prepared breakfast. Unexpected visitor arrived from Prague and as every year, the Dutch ponny Furbrette came to say hi. After the breakfast, the beginning of that day’s programme was being prepared.

Ingress Story - lecture by @Nearh

In the morning, a lecture about the topic which is not well known within CZRES, took place. Agents got familiar with a story of Ingress which has an impact on every ingress event and explains everything that ever happened in a game.

The whole story is a huge web of individual character’s and item’s story lines, consisting of many junctions and nodes. So a lecture had to be cut to a shallow and general story focused only on a story line after the story restart which happened in May 2018.

Agents found out how the story began, what is NIA and what its role in the story and what the origin and purpose of the very well known tool - the Ingress scanner.

Besides other basics of Ingress world, the purpose of the lecture was to introduce the latest news in Ingress story in detail. Especially with the newest and easy to follow episode. Who is Nemesis and what do they want? What is Tesselation and why is it so important? What’s the significance of anomalies and challenges? That’s just a shortlist of info agents received.

Because of the unexpected interest a new series of Ingress stories was created on 1R+ in CZRES category. Besides other interesting information, Czech agents can find every topic mentioned above there in greater detail and content.

The Mysterious CZRES Power-cube

Right before lunch time a message about a surprise being prepared at the patio appeared in the infochannel. What could it be?

A mysterious box with CZRES logo on the sides at the table! After a few minutes of tension spent fighting with screws, a treasure with the newest add to CZRES swag edition was discovered by present agents.

A wonderful brand new CZRES pin !

Merit goes to @cowee, thank you for bringing this newborn to the world.

Non CZRES agents can contact @Nearh if they're interested in this little beauty...

Crossed links and homogenous fields - lecture by @Arweth

Obviously also this year’s RESCAMP couldn’t miss an XM research topic, this time focused on a field which was neglected a bit - crossed links. The whole concept of lecture was focused on answering the question - Do crossed links endanger the level limit of traditional HCF? Attendees found out basics about techniques of crossed links creating, also some interesting aspects which this method brings to fields making and synchronization and probability of success was mentioned.

Afterwards the lecture was focused on usage of crossed links for HCF construction and how to include this method to traditional HCF creation methods. A 3 basic methods of HCF construction were introduced: Complete, composed and partial xHCF. Info about executed attempts and its results has been added.

Moving towards the end of the lecture various questions were answered. For example details of synchronization and success probability, practical examples, methods of testing and theoretical thoughts about high level HCFs.

At the end of the lecture RESCAMP orgas surprised the lecturer with an unexpected gift - an extraordinary and unique flag replacing Czech Lion with the Moravian Eagle which is a symbol of Moravia - part of Czechia the lecturer came from.

So what is the answer to a question asked at the beginning of the lecture? Theoretically it is possible to create a homogeneous field of higher levels than 6. Practically has been proven that synchronization of such a big number of boots causes major issues, so no one has been able (and probably won’t be able anytime soon) to break this limit. Although by the words of the lecturer “We never know when someone who wasn’t told it’s not possible will appear and will prove us wrong”. So, let’s get surprised.

Once again, a series about HCFs exist in a CZRES 1R+ category. It's currently being slowly translated for international community on, a website dedicated to HCF, where you can also find a HCF6+ timeline and other useful materials.

A birthday celebration at RESCAMP

Coincidentally, during the RESCAMP a young agent was celebrating her birthday. This info got to orgas soon and such a big event they couldn’t skip without notice.

Besides everything else, Agent @Veveka received a wonderful birthday cake thanks to @Waheti and surprise night throwing into the pool.

Happy birthday!

CZRES boat sailed out!

The biggest event of the day has come - agents went on a short trip in a bay countryside where CZRES boat Poseidon was moored.

Despite our high expectations, we weren’t disappointed. Our voyage is going to stick in our memory as an unforgettable and wonderful experience. Right at the beginning of our sail we’ve a unique group photo, it’s not gonna be easy to do any better in future.

A boat bar was busy, the whole sail delivering one beer by another as Poseidon sailed the river Dyje. Another small surprise for agents were tiny RESCAMP can-openers.

Poseidon the boat provided us with beautiful cliffs and wooded coast sightseeing. In about a half of sail we were enriched by a stunning view at the castle Bítov.

After a demanding voyage it’s necessary to gain back the energy spent and for that reason we’ve secured barbeque with a wide variety of foods. A barbeque took place in the gazebo next to a terrace. As real gourmets we’ve tasted the whole menu. Grilled cheese, pork and chicken, grilled pork leg and salmon, we’ve enjoyed that all. Fresh veggies, bread and a variety of sauces couldn’t be missing. No doubt that everything was well done and very tasty. All honors to the barbeque chef.

After the dinner a bit of relax was on a program and attendants were give CZRES stickers. Also patches were available for buying, you can currently get both by contacting agent @Nearh.

The last dead-drop of a series found its owner and the whole schedule was getting to its end.

The XM tank - activity by @taurus72pv

During the whole RESCAMP weekend the XM tank competition in drinking any liquid with time measurement was on. A rivalry was strong, some of the attendants were practising since the last year's RESCAMP. This year besides the half a liter category we’ve added the new category - a liter, which brought even more tension into competition.

The winners were announced on Saturday evening and every attendant got a bottle of liquor for the effort given.

After the XM tank competition results announcement, most of us joined the beer pong game. Another adrenalin event finished by throwing agent Veveka into refreshing water, was about to start by the swimming pool. The survivors moved to the bar where enjoyment continued until late night hours.


After the sundays breakfast agents began to pack up and went home. RESCAMP2020 was amazing event we won't forget, at least not until next year's RESCAMP...

... and we hope we will see more of our international friends there, when this pandemic is over!



In conclusion...

Huge thanks for their work belongs to the main orga

@Nearh , @Nosanda, @taurus72pv , @Waheti

Thank you also to our collegues (not only) from the orga-team, that participated on all kinds of activities, lectures, promotion, swag and surprises...

@Arweth , @Cartman45 , @cowee , @gaTTlingCZ , @Kvi7ko , @Nebickova , @ramon83 , @Ruscha

Thank you for attending to all the amazing agents of Czech Resistance💙

@Ameba001 , @Ariovis, @Arweth , @Bizicz, @Blazska , @Bollorock , @boss5cz , @Buksy93, @Cartman45 , @cicibu , @cowee , @Czechman14, @d0f0ra , @Dibluu, @Edudant , @Folty, @FreakStern , @hukkv , @Jera88 , @karlosik4 , @KatherinePl, @Kristtynka, @Lada , @leontinka, @Mamkatir, @Matufak , @Megina, @memit, @Migelos , @Nearh , @Nebickova , @NetrophysiX , @ofcarinae , @Papal1 , @PythagorasDC , @Raplon , @Ruscha , @SampL , @Simik666, @Stargi , @TajnejHajnej , @taurus72pv , @Tuplacek, @vesdana, @Veveka, @VlasyEm , @Waheti , @WitchDC, @Xerion001

Thank you for attending to our friends from German Resistance💙

@Merki81, @robb2k4 , @DrFiel

Thank you for attending to our friends from Austrian Resistance💙

@BierLaden, @ElWooky , @Fausti2183, Simon

Also thank you for a virtual attendance and a personal thank you for assistance with translation of this sitrep to our friends, who unfortunately could not join us from England💙

@RiftInTime , @TrishCZ

... we also missed all our friends from Czechia and abroad, who could not join us and we hope you'll make it next year 🙂

#CZRES #CzechResistance #CzResUnited #FromCZRESwithLove #RESCAMP2020 #RGNN #MoreThanAGame #RESWUEisAwesome #Ingress #Resistance

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