The Network Screams, ADA whispers

Hello, I'm a new L4 agent, and I'm here to tell you that something is seriously wrong in the Network.

My missions mostly comprise attempting to destroy/put a beacon over one L8 portal (Pilgrims Getting Water) and a cluster of about 35 L7+ RES (within forty feet of eachother) portals in florida connected via DroneNet with at least 6 XM Transmuter Devices.

At about 10:00 at night, I connected up a drone tap and heard something unusual: a hushed conversation with another man.

The man I do not recognize, but the girl was definitely ADA.

The Glyph Message, in case it was significant, was something about DESTROY-STRONG-BARRIERS, but the transmuter made it award 1 portal shield.

I attempted to repeat the drone manuver, but the recording did not repeat

Around my neighborhood, I recieve the message POTENTIAL XM WAR and should a portal have only one resonator, the message DANGER.

I deployed a BLM beacon (it's free AP, nobody judge me, OK?) on the L8 portal owned by ENL. Once I tuned my scanner into the portal (tapping it), i heard the typical beeps and whirs, but the beeps sounded like human speech. A man... screaming? I have the recording for anyone who wants it. When I glyph hacked the portal, the boot was screeching and distorted, I got some message that was typical, but once I disconnected, I saw something horrifying: My avatar crackling with dark XM, meaning the beacon was destabilizing. I recieved a message that "I'd been hit for 20% of my XM", but it was only Dark XM, no portal attack like normal. I tuned back in and recorded audio.

The NIA got us into something bigger, because only their beacons cause this nonsense.




At first I just watched the show because I thought it was cool and the game because it was fun and read the lore because it is epic. But now...

Something bigger is happening.

The field nearby that covers almost all of Agoura Hills and connects to almost 30 portals...

I don't know about the other portals, but things are getting WEIRD fast.

Help me, Truthseekers!


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