ingress can't detect field.I didn't meet it before.Do you meet it too?

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When I link po A from B.It can't be link.But I have the key of po A.And it should be link.I restart many times.But I can't link to po A(po A can link po B).

Tonight I try to link again.But I can't link to po A.

This is po A

At last.I link po B from po A

And still have a big problem.There has two field doesn't detected by ingress.And do not scoring about these two field.

And My link 1、link2、link3、link4、link5 should be 1563、2813、1563、2813,but the score of it change to 313、1563、313、1563.

does this is bug?or it is just a feature?


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