Trusted reporter contacted but almost 72 hours passed and no answer was given

Title basically. I contacted TR about a spoofer affecting some hardly-to-reach portals but it's almost 72 hours and I will didn't get an answer if they'll escalate it or no.

I filled the Google Form and message the BOT following the format as said in the BOT message but didn't get any response within 48h as said in the original post about the TR program.

As community, we're a little worried that they'll not take any actions about it and we caught this account capturing and deploying mods in portals that are hard to reach at 3am (top mountain).

Is it normal that it takes more than 48h hours to review the request? Did anyone had to wait so much?

Because what scared us is that the action was performed about 5 days ago and you can report incident only in the last 7 days and I reported it myself on Saturday.

Thanks in advance


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