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"This was .... is one of the best examples of why ingress is more than just a game 💙🍺💚"

On 04 Aug 2020, Beirut got hit by the #BeirutExplosion which left ~200 dead, 6000+ injured, ~40,000 homes destroyed, ~300,000 people without a home & millions traumatized!

On 05 Sep 2020, 900+  Ingress agents around the world joined our Virtual Ingress First Saturday in a gesture of support.

Here are some final words from the organizer team along with this video release involving participants who have sent wishes from all over the world for the people of Beirut.

Big thanks goes to Ingress agents around the world for:

❤️Donating money directly to the Lebanese Red Cross (https://www.supportlrc.app/donate/ ) and/or to the International Committee for the Red Cross (https://www.icrc.org/en/donate/lebanon ).

❤️Donating/Buying swag that was sold in auction (1,500+ USD raised).

❤️Created #HelpBeirut Banners in their cities to raise awareness (34+ created).

Big thanks also goes to @NianticLabs#fevgames and most dearly the orga team who made it possible!

The emotional humanitarian crisis reached hearts of all agents regardless of faction.

This was the largest IFS ever & the community showed without any doubt that ingress is #morethanagame.

All details available: https://t.me/s/IFSBeirutSept2020

The work in Beirut won't stop & support is still needed!

#HelpBeirut #BeirutExplosion #IngressIsMoreThanAGame #MoreThanAGame #IFS #FirstSaturday


Orga: @YRAR (RES POC), @EliasH (ENL POC), @DhrMekmek (contact to Fevgames, zoom hoster & orga), @8URT (orga), @ilMorgi (video, decoding & orga), @SSSputnik (orga), @YellowLightning (designs, banners / missions organizer & orga), @DugongHugger (Moral support, auction manager & orga), @arealwerewhale (fantastic auctioneer dotsamantha), @Widrik (orga), @lseee (orga), @Gobi130 (Music for video, quiz & orga), @ChiisaiKuma (Quiz, auction & orga)

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  • l wil never forget beirut Ifs sep .wish city rebuilt quickly

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