[INTEL Error Message] Your account is currently suspended from Ingress.



  • daawgdaawg ✭✭✭

    A bit ironic considering they use pictures of iPhone 11pro on their promo page 😅


  • Same. iOS14. Bah.

  • Same here. I updated ios14 (iPhonexR). I now have an intel map ban, but my game is unaffected.

  • Same here, accessing intel by my phone or PC the same message of account suspended. Only with intel.

    Started with IOS14.

  • Same here, a few days after updating to IOS14, I also use IITC

  • Same here, iOS 14 & IITC

    After a question In the in game help Center what is wrong, and if it is an error, they gave me a standard text: Don’t use third party software and you got a strike. And so on.

    not sure if I should use the Formular where I can report a ban for no reason.

  • StranditStrandit ✭✭✭
    edited September 2020

    Edit: read the Reddit comment about ban appeals and I strongly suspect there’s a miscommunication somewhere.

  • I am getting this now too - I updated to iOS 14 the first day it was released, but this just started happening to me this afternoon (not sure how many times I looked at Intel in a browser in the last week....maybe a few times?)

  • I never trust inside information on Reddit. And the only semi official response on that thread was “it works for me.... blah bla bla....”. Then silence.

  • Hi everyone! Thank you for reaching out. Unfortunately, we're not able to review account strikes via the Ingress community forum. Please submit an appeal via in-app support.

  • ElelahebElelaheb ✭✭
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    Same here, ingress prime 2.55.1 iOS 14 and not connect “apple sign in” support not help auto close ticket not access Intel or reply in comm.

    ping @NianticBrian @NianticCasey @NianticAndres@NianticAustin @NianticBC


  • Reading comments like „Shame, Shame“ and others: if I would be Niantic employee I would focus my energy to something else.

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    Send appeal and become the standard answer... Do you think I waste more time to write more? Niantic knows about the problem and should stop ban more players and unban immediately player they are suspected cheating because using iOS14.

    But here the left hand don't speak with the right hand and do business as usual.

  • That might be so, but You can at least make some sort of statement that you are aware that there is an issue that seems to affect a lot of people and that you are looking into it

  • A mi me sale el mismo fallo !!!

  • Has this happened to anyone who did not link their Niantic account to AppleID?

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