Who also wants to remove some of his/her badges.

Hi agents,

Perhaps I'm the only one, but some of my badges don't mean much to me so I asked Niantec if there was an option to do so.


Hello Agent,

Unfortunately, at this time, we're not able to remove Mission medals from your Agent profile or rearrange the order of any profile Medals.

If more of us have the same problem, that would make this change more possible in the future. (even re-aranging the sequence but that wasn't my question)

Many agents love to get more and more badges, I get that, but I like my list clean. That's all.

Thanks for your feedback and good luck out there! ;-)



  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited September 2020

    im told they dont remove, its a complicated process heard some rumors years ago an agents profile got deleted or something... better not touch it... but an option to hide or something would be interesting..... like i have mission day locked, if im never gonna even unlock i would like an option to hide it...

  • That said, being able to re-arrange the badges (and the mission badges) would be a nice touch. I know plenty of agents who's banners don't line up, who'd love to change that.

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