Shuffling my PoGo account sign in method has broken Ingress and Wizards sign in (Niatic Social)

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Long story short, My Wizards Unite and Ingress Niantic Social were not able to see my PTC account for Pokemon Go. I attempted to Link my Google account to my Pokemon Go account, but it claimed that an account already existed with that email, even though I know it didn't.

I attempted to remedy this by going through creating a new Pokemon Go account using my Google account, linking it to my Facebook account, and unlinking from the Google account. I then attached this Gmail to my original PTC Pokemon Go account.

It appears in the process of moving my Pokemon Go login to Facebook, it has move ALL of my Niantic Based App accounts to Facebook Login, and prevented me from Logging in to them Via Google.

Edit: Managed to restore my Google Login access; had to Add another login method from my main PTC based Pokemon Go account (refused to unlink without doing so), unlink the Google login from it, reattached it to the new Pokemon Go account. I'm guessing placeholder inactive account is made when you create a Gmail/FB login on any of the 3 games for the rest.

What a nightmare... Suffice to say I won't have Niantic Social across my 3 accounts ever from the looks of it. Uploaded some screenshots to show the mess it made.

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