Game achievement judge system

Current upper limit of intel map is about 8400 links for a single portal (because all the link detail is included in portal information, and there must be size limit). However, we would like to know our achievement in the game. What is the real world record?

It would be nice to have some Judge system which we can request judgement of our achievement in world-level operations.


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    FYI, all the link detail isn't included in the portal information.

    Links and portals are 2 separate entities.

    Ingress halts to a stop if it needs to load too many entities at once

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    It was quite an impressive link star. I saw 8421 links inbound at one point, but I agree, it would be pretty great to get the Official count and Official recognition of your record attempt.

  • Not all the link is included in portal info.

    I should have written for example that portal info attempt to include detail of links (which portal to which portal), but there is upper limit to the data volume. Therefore, link info exceeding the upper limit will be omitted from the portal info.

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    You mean to say:

    IITC shows link details when showing portal info.

    That data is from the shown links on the map, no link data is from the portal details themselves

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    Thank you I noticed that I am wrong in understanding how the maximum number is determined. The Raw portal data box of IITC is drawn by IITC plugin with retrieved data from (may be a group of) JSON files. Anyway, there must be upper limit to the number of link data included in the JSON files delivered from the server to our browsers. And the upper limit of link number might be determined by volume of a specific file, not by a number because there is some variation in the largest number observed (8399 to 8421). Can you explain more precisely? I still hold my opinion that we had better have an official judge system than increasing the upper limit of the file volume (thus increasing upper limit of links shown).

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