Unequal values of MU calculation

Wondering if this is a bug/known issue: I made one (identical) field that generates two different MU values.

The other day our dozens of people made a big field (78M MUs each layer) in China. However, I notice that the number of MU jumped out and the number recorded in my profile are different: once I linked the portal and made a field, it jumps "78187927 MU" immediately, but the profile shows that my largest control field is "78187928 MUs".

I never noticed similar things before, partly because I was not a BAF guy until months ago. In the past, most of times I did microfielding and never encounter such big number like this.

I personally doubt whether this comes from floating number rounding issue or similar.

Any thoughts? or did anyone else encounter this issue before?


  • Likely this is a rounding issue.

    e.g. The actual value might be 78,187,927.8 and so the screen shows the truncated value, and the profile shows the rounded value.

    Two developers not talking to each other and choosing different ways to display the number. Probably something @NianticBrian should whip them into shape about.

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