Could we have a trusted portal submitter status?


I live in a rural area of Central Europe and I plan Ingress since Year 1. I realized at the early stage that Ingress (That was the only Niantic game back then) is exclusive to big cities because at the rural areas and in the villages in general there are no portals to interact with.

For the last 3 years my mission in the game is to enable the village players get into the game by submitting portals from the countryside. (Due to my work I am on the roads a lot). Any portal I submit is usually review and accepted / denied within 2 weeks thru Wayfarer. The review is fair, from time to time I get submitted portals rejected due to valid reasons.

I have 750+ accepted portals so far and I could submit several hundred mores from villages with 0 (zero) portals I travel thru day by day. These portals are quality ones like churches, statues, war memorials, city halls, community buildings, playgrounds, shrines.

My problem is, the 14 submission limit is killing me to cover the wast area of counties without any portal. Would it be a good idea / possible to raise this limit somehow? Thru a subscription model or if someone hits a good submitted / accepted portal ratio? Or after a certain number of accepted portals?

I love the game and would like to contribute and enable the "play anywhere" experience.

Thank you!



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