Could not update to latest version of Ingress Prime (2.55.1) - Samsung Galaxy A6 users on Android10

#Dumping this here in case anyone else is/was in the same bind.

  • ARCore wouldn't update, so Ingress Prime 2.55.1 wouldn't either...
  • Uninstalled (old) Prime and (old) ARCore, then Prime 2.55.1 installed OK.
  • Prime starts to run, but no Scan Portal.
  • PlayStore (even Samsung App store) still gatekeeping. Side-loading ARCore from APKmirror worked.
  • Restarted Prime to re-enable Portal Scanning (guess it checks ARCore on restart)

It's possible the tech specs of the stock Samsung A6 was no longer up to par with recommended compatibility. There haven't been any updates to the Phone Compatibility lists though:

Lesson: Dodged a panic-buy bullet. PlayStore error messages are vague, but may boost sales of newer phone models.

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