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Why does Ingress use Googles platform, Google Docs, Linking to Google mail, and allows third party apps, i.e, IITC use Google Maps? There is a likely possibility CEO of Niantic, John Hanke, while head of Google Earth and maps localities department was participant of Google stupendous data scandal hence, intruding privacy rights via Google mail, wi-spying through mobile devices. Although, Mr. Hanke accuses Googles mobile department.

Hake, was involved in a class act lawsuit vs Global++ (an association of hacker) for coding software that created spoofing, which is ruining the game. The rumors are that the Gliobal++ we’re users of G+.. Does anyone have any insight about the lawsuit Or the hackers involved would appreciate feedback

IHake assisted the CIA, can anyone enlighten the purpose behind his cooperation?

Does portal scanning have any association with data collection outside of Niantic’s motives?

Positve and open Feedback is appreciated Tto be clear, I am not against or passing judgment the game or the CEO

Data Scandal article 👇🏻

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  • why does Niantic use Google doc’s

    Because it's free?

    Allow users to log in by Google

    Because they started under Google and almost EVERY game or site these days allows for social logins, including Google

    Was the CEO, John Hanke involved with the G+ going off line?

    Wait what now?

    Despite being sued by John Hanke

    Again, what?

    Was the switch over to Ingess Prime because of Niantic and Google separation that most believe is the case?

    The switch to Prime was because the old engine was deprecated. Nothing to do with Google

  • I'm going to stop responding given that every time something is shot down, the initial post changes. I'll just wait until the edit timer has ended before tearing down the claims.

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    Google Assistant is ADA! They even have similar voices!

  • Found you to actually be insightful without having to be sarcastic. Appreciated.

  • to simplify this for those of you who like to go off on tangents, and, or “ tirades & rants”.... Alphabet GOOGL. (Google inc.)

    Alphabet Google's PARENT COMPANY!

    still one in the same....

    Google is the flagship subsidiary along with other prominent companies owned by Alphabet, such as YouTube, Nest, and Waze.


  • Alphabet has no direct relationship to Niantic at all.

    ... just to simplify it for you.

  • Also, from discussions with Google employees who stayed at Google when Niantic spun out, the Niantic Labs project was essentially deemed of zero value when they were doing the Alphabet breakup.

    John Hanke disagreed, and convinced them to let him take the IP with him into an independent company (which they retained a stake in because of their history), because he believed that an independent company could make deals and prosper where a part of Google could not.

    He proved himself right, when he made a deal with The Pokemon Company (and Nintendo) to make Pokemon Go, and generated a billion dollar revenue company.

    If you want to vilify anyone, remember that John Hanke (@ace) is responsible for Ingress lasting past it's 3rd anniversary. Something many people here were not even part of.

    If you don't like the data gathered through the game, there is a simple, painless, and completely free solution to it. Delete the game from your phone. Otherwise, enjoy the game and stop making up negative attacks on the game for attention.

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