Scout Controller Onyx reduced to 12,000 unique Portals

We’ve made 4 changes to how Portal Scanning works with the latest version of Ingress (2.55): Scout Controller’s Onyx tier is reduced to 12,000 unique Portals; we removed the encoding screen after scanning, and reduced each scan's file size; the 200 Portal Scan limit refreshes every 7 days; and the minimum Portal Scan duration is increased to 15 seconds.

The average Portal Scan uploaded today is 14.3 seconds. Prior to 2.55, it would take 39.2 seconds to reach Scan Preview on a Galaxy S8. On 2.55, the time to reach Scan Preview has been more than cut in half by removing the encoding screen, and we believe Portal Scans of 15 seconds or more will help give us higher-quality data to generate AR maps with.

Thank you for your continued contributions to the Portal Network. We’re exploring ways to use Portal Scans for new Ingress features, but these are early days in our development.

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