Anomaly Series Formats - different dates for different continents

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I like anomalies, and I go to quite a lot of them, although not as many as I used to. When I go to them, I mostly go to events inside the EU, because it's more convenient for me but also more convenient for people who I know and who I like hanging out with at anomalies. However, when the series had different dates for the different continents, I was finally able to get to a US site, and had a fantastic time!

I saw quite a few of the same names (from both factions) in both AMS and CHI, so I'm clearly not the only one.... @RedSoloCup would you guys consider splitting the anomaly dates in this way again, so that more of us can enjoy sites outside of our "regular" range, without having to turn down a closer site to do so?



  • I like this suggestion a lot. It meant I got to go to some really cool places.

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    As another person who did both AMS and CHI, I really liked this as well. Not only was AMS not competing with any US cities for my attention that date, but it was the only event worldwide that day. This greatly increased how many people I was able to meet (many of whom I met for the first time in person after years of communicating online). I would love to see this format again next year.

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    @vidicon yes, that was a nice bonus - meeting US agents I'd spoken to over the years but never met in person, at BOTH sites, either because they came to AMS or because I was able to make Chicago

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    If Niantic settled into a nice rhythm on these things...

    January; announce the Q1 & Q2 series -- two weekends per series, 6 or 9 cities per weekend

    April: announce the Q3 series -- two weekends per series, 6 or 9 cities per weekend

    July: announce the Q4 finale -- one city for each of the three regions (Americas, APAC, EU/Africa)

    Something like that would be fun.

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    @Strandit while one out-of-region anomaly per year is probably about right for me personally... obviously it's very dependent on being able to make one of the two specific dates for an APAC or AMER site. Still, it would be a huge step in the right direction!

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    Another one who went to both Amsterdam and Chicago. It was exciting, Amsterdam had an impressive base camp and Chicago had some interesting events like Intel Ops I could never do in Europe, and the two Hanks 😁. Also seeing some people from the first Camp Navarro event was nice. So yes, I can probably justify going to one event per year outside Europe. Please do something interesting in 2020!


    announce Q1 in january is too late especially if you want to go for 2 dates. in Q1. 3 sites per region at least in europe, best is to have sites little distributed, [pairings like kaunas and helsinki at same time is bad. finales format, I did not like it. this format is good for few people who travel a lot, for bigger playerbase its too disconnected. and if you wait for anomaly results weeks many people stop caring. many people who went to amsterdam that I know dont even know who won the serie.

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    @YURI5K surely most people you know who went to amsterdam either have, or do not have, an additional shiny scanner badge by now.... I'm pretty sure most people have figured out who won the series 😂

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    Also, the "usual" series format takes several weeks to produce a winner, because of the 3-4 weeks from round 1 to round 2... I don't see that Abaddon Prime was any more "disconnected" than the average series -- if anything, the winner medal and the single-use gimmicks such as the lens made the sites more closely connected than usual?


    difference is easy. when you attend last round in europe/asia you know results of anomaly later in evening, or at morning next day. now there was 3 weeks between last asian and american site. single use things like lens - I am not sure how many players outside strategy teams knew about these things. it might connected sites organisers closer, but I dont think playerbase knows about lens effects. most attendants dont even read rules


    also, if niantic decides to go for different day on different continent, it would be good to have europe/asia last. america is last all the time, and change there would be nice.

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    @YURI5K I think we talk to very different subsets of people who go to anomalies, but I accept the difference in perspective is valid, thank you!

    I do agree that if another series follows the pattern of Abaddon Prime, it would be good to have another region take a turn at hosting the "decider"

  • Como Participo de las anomalías, sera que Niantic podría incluirnos a Aquellos que no estamos en zona de anomalía, mas que todo porque me gustan esas medallas y es difícil poder viajar a esos lugares.

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