Access your Niantic Profile from Ingress

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You will now be able to access your Niantic Profile and Niantic Account Settings by tapping the Niantic logo in the top right corner of your Ingress Agent Profile. Your Niantic Profile displays your information from across all Niantic games. 

Please note that the Niantic logo button is only visible from your own Agent Profile. You’re only able to view your own Niantic Profile from Ingress, even when you view another Agent’s Ingress Profile. If you view another Agent's Ingress Profile, you will not see the Niantic logo button.

Your Niantic Profile allows you to update your Niantic Account Settings, and control whether your last played date and username are visible to others:

Last Played Date: To hide the date when you last played a Niantic game, navigate to the Settings menu of your Niantic Profile and uncheck “Let my Friends see info about the last time I played Niantic Games.”

Player Username: To hide your username or codename across Niantic games, uncheck “Let my Friends see my usernames from all Niantic Games.”

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