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I create this thread to get the attention of Niantic and share my creation with the community. I already have sent a message via one of the forms on the website from Niantic but I did not recieve an answer yet (after more then 10 days). So, I'm trying my luck here to get an official answer (and stop this project bacause I'm not allowed to use the elements of the game or get their approval and share the printable PDF with the community).

I want to share an idea I had a year ago and I developed at a really slow pace and finally can say the first version is ready. I created a CARDGAME for Ingress Prime.

Ingress Cardgame is a fanmade game based on the game Ingress Prime. In Ingress Prime an agent needs to glyphhack portals to recieve items. The glyphs can have more than 130 different shapes. To learn those shapes, and so master glyphhacking, this cardgame has the objective to give agents the opportunity to learn all the different glyphs (shapes) in a fun way that can be done solo or against another agent or even against multiple agents.

All rights, visuals, references in this cardgame are used only for promotional purposes for the game Ingress Prime that is owned by Niantic, Inc. I (The creator of this cardgame) have no intentions of making any profit or violate copyright and only wants to provide some help and fun for the community. Because I do not want to get into trouble and problems with Niantic, before making it free to download I want to check if I'm allowed to share this in Telegram groups, this forum, ect...

So, feel free to comment on this thread to let me know if you would be interested in this Cardgame and somebody official from Niantic can always contact me or in this thread to let me know what they think about it.

If Niantic wants to take ownership of this I'm happy to sent all files to them so they can develop it more and maybe publish it for everybody. I would be happy and honored if they would spread the love for the cardgame and give their seal of approval.


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    I would love to check that out.

  • I guess If I do not ping some of the Niantic accounts this thread will fall into the abyss of the XM world... :D

    @NianticAndres @NianticAustin @NianticBC @NianticBrian @NianticCasey

    Could one of you give an update or transfer this to the correct person who can take a decision about this?

    Thank you in advance. I hope to be able to share the printable pdf for free with the community and help spread the Ingress Prime love.

  • This looks interesting. What about doing a virtual tabletop version?

  • Fantastic work 👏

    I'd love to see more of this game!

    Best of luck!

  • The whole idea is an offline cardgame you do not play on a screen. Otherwise.., you could just play Ingress on your phone or the already existing glyph trainer apps.

    Before spreading I just want to make sure I do not make Niantic angry. But at the moment, still no response. Hopefully #soon.

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    @Hier0nimus That looks cool!

    Check out the brand and site guide linked from here:

    I'm not a lawyer but there's a small chance that you would run afoul of their attorneys by using that logo. They have a few pieces of artwork on that page that you are free to use. You could also come up with some similar but not identical artwork of your own. I would definitely make sure there's a strong statement somewhere on the media that it's fan art and not affiliated, blah blah blah.

  • Well, indeed... I'm a 100% sure already I will bump into problems by using the logo and other elements. That is why before spreading I want to contact Niantic first so I do not get problems :p But still no answer... Tried multiple channels already.

    The help section/FAQ is a HUGE tip! Thanks @Hosette

    There are some guidelines concerning the logo ... And as I thought... I can not use it. So I probably need to make some changes. But I can try to ask. If they want to support this cardgame and share it themself, maybe it is ok.

    Also, they link back to this forum to report creations so they can review it. So still hope this place is the correct place and in the end it will be reviewed. Already pinged the Nianctic accounts so I'm patient.

    I already even created some small project website. Not going to make the link public, but a screenshot below. On that website and also on the documentation of the cardgame it is stated multiple times that the cardgame is fanmade, free and not for frofit, ect...

  • de donde descargas el pdf?

  • Como puede ver arriba, esto todavía está bajo revisión en Niantic. Cuando Niantic esté de acuerdo, puedo compartir el pdf.

    (Google Translate)

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    Almost a month that I posted this ... no answer from Niantic yet. Anyone have any idea how to contact them?

    Pinging @NianticBrian again maybe?

  • This looks interesting. I'd definitely be eager to learn more about it

  • WikiBlueWikiBlue ✭✭✭

    Certainly something i would try if someone would bring it to an FS. It looks interesting, and if it can be found in stores on a bigger scale it can even bring new blood to the game itself.

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