Speed fielding challenge: 89 fields, 20 minutes, 4.5 fields/min

As an effort to revive Ingress in our city, a couple players and I together brainstormed several challenges to make Ingress interesting again. One of which is the speed fielding challenge. Rules: 

1. 30 minutes max; 15 minutes min (pop those Apexes)

2. If less than 30 minutes, calculate the number of fields per minute

3. First link starts the timer (outside of that you can prep however you want)

4. No flip cards: final field count at the end of the session

5. Provide screenshots of start and an end with time as proof 

My attempt (pilot):

- Toronto, ON, Canada

- 89 fields in 20 minutes: 4.5 fields per minute

- Start 12:57 pm; end 1:17pm

- 35 portals used

- Planned ~200 keys 

- 2 hours prep time 

- Biked

I am interested to see how others will approach this challenge. Thoughts? Questions? Suggestions? Will you try it?

More screenshots:


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