[Feature Request] Revert to Lifetime AP when hitting 16

Currently, when you recurse, your AP is set to zero, but your Lifetime AP continues to accrue. This is great when you're leveling up again, tracking your progress.

However, when you get to level 16 again, the display drops the second value and continues to accrue AP against only the recursed AP. The value itself becomes meaningless, because for most people at 16, they don't care how much since their last recursion.

They care about their Lifetime AP at that point.

When you hit Leve 16, the main display AP at the top of the screen in the profile, and the top of the screen on the main window, should revert to your Lifetime AP. When you choose to recurse again, the process would repeat, allowing you to go back to progression AP for that recursion, but again on hitting level 16, return to Lifetime AP.

No-one really cares how much AP they've gotten after their 2nd recursion, once they pass 40 million. It's only relevant while they're levelling.


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