Missions are not getting reviewed

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I have submitted around 18 missions in ingress on 29th July and 02nd August 2020 but till date except of the first missions neither of the other 17 missions are still reviewed neither they got accepted nor rejected. All and all it just shows In Review although i saw other agents having their missions accepted within a few days but mine hasn't yet and its now more than 38 days since my missions being submitted. please look into it asap. Screenshots are there as well.


  • 3car3car ✭✭✭

    +1. I saw some getting approved in 'hours' after submitting. Mine 1/6 for 2 weeks.

    This is also affecting BannerRuck.

  • I'm also facing same problem

  • @NianticBrian any ideas for this? I have many missions on queue too

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    Niantic has been really quiet on this new mission blackhole. My family and I have over 2 dozen new missions in the hopper and none have been reviewed or accepted since the end of July. I've been a prolific designer of missions (often in the multitude of small towns with no existing missions) and quality good-looking badges to earn when completing the missions. Mission Builders receive nothing from Niantic for all the work we put in building the missions. However I do if for fun and for the benefit of all Ingress players. Prior to August, we were seeing approvals come through in 3-5 days. After August 2, nothing.

    Now, it's not uncommon for Niantic to lose missions. They just disappear into the ether. I assume theses are the ones that get assigned to some slacker, intern, or fired employee. Normally I would just rebuild and resubmit after 2 weeks with no word. However, we have so many in the hopper with no end in sight, it's not worth the hours it would take to rebuild them.

    Until these get reviewed, I'm likely done building missions --- to the detriment of all. It's really sad. My absolute favorite thing to do on Ingress is missions and the interesting places they take me. With missions no longer being reviewed and approved, that's yet another nail Niantic is pounding into the coffin to **** off a game being held together by it's users despite everything Niantic does to destroy it.

  • 3car3car ✭✭✭

    I need updates, mine 2/6 right now from 1/6

  • 24 missions on queue since 08/08/20. Don't feel like resubmitting neither. ;)

  • My Banner Ruck is being severely affected. Even after Ruth talked to Niantic to get Banner Ruck missions expedited, I'm still waiting, almost two weeks now...

    @NianticBrian the creative agents need your help!

  • Here the same. 6 banner goruck missions (6th August): 2 approved. 4 in review. A different 12 missions banner sended the same day: 12 in review.

  • I have taken 1/30 from August 19 to today, a friend has 4/30 from August 3. I resubmitted again - nothing. I would like to speed up the process, but as I understand it, I will not pass Bannerruck

  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    still no info.... i hear agents waits months and still nothing.. i dont understand why dont we get any info whats wrong ??

  • Missions just approved!

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