OPR Live - A thought on how to re-imagine it for COVID times

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I live in Washington DC. That's not really important, except that it is a major metro area with a lot of history and notable places, objects, artwork, sculptures, etc.

I am now working on the Scout and Scout Controller badges, trying to give them a fair shake. As I walk around my city, I note that many of the objects the portals represent are no longer there, or are misplaced, or are in close proximity to things that are much more noteworthy - like several placards in a place that has a large sculpture.

What got me thinking about this was the Butterfly Garden around the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. There are some new sculptures in place that have no chance of becoming portals, because of the sheer amount of portals in the area. Most of the existing portals are not "Great" - picture of signs, and not sculptures. Many of them are missing. I report them, as you do, but inevitably they get rejected, and then you have to appeal. I don't have the energy or interest in following up on every one.

This is the same story for the Sculpture Garden across the Mall, and it plays out all over the place. I won't list all the examples. It would be great to have an event, where decisions could be made on the spot, provided there is evidence. A chance to Curate what becomes a portal, in high concentration areas.

I propose that we have scheduled events for a location (or dozens) where we submit nominations, edits, deletions, etc, and then have a video conference to justify our edits.

I would gladly pay for the ability to curate an area, to have better portals and game elements. I also would love to make progress on the OPR Live badge.

Examples (none of these are portals):

This one is in the same position as this portal:


Several of these in the same area, about 6-7 altogether.

This is a really neat sculpture, that has been there for several years, but can't come online because of other non-existent portals:



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    Let me remind you of an AMA answer from November 2017...

    Q17: How close is 'too close' for the typical Niantic OPR reject algorithm?

    A17: Today, to provide the best game experience possible, the distance varies from approximately 20 to 30 meters. We encourage you to continue submitting all unique portals as upcoming functionality will allow you to help select the best portals in a given area.

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    The main point is: lots of non-existing portals exist.

    And when I tried to remove those I always got the response like `this portal should remain`.

    😤 NIA definitely did not even smoke check

  • Have you tried to submit an appeal on the Wayfarer forums? That seems to be the go-to place for removing non-existing portals these days.

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    And I have a good reason for that:

    1. There is an in-game function for this purpose which is kind of two clicks to select the portal and reason.
    2. Submitting an appeal takes time, plus you have to provide some evidence (i.e. making additional photo, providing links, etc.)

    I just have no enough time for workarounds and doing job instead of people (NIA Ops) who are paid for it but just don't care

  • Although you can remove non-existant Wayspots, it can be a time-consuming process. You have to report it, wait for the email saying it has to stay, take photos/streetview to prove it's really gone, make appeal in Wayfarer forums, wait again, and hope it gets removed from the map.

    There are a lot of invalid portals as well (stuff in backyards, elementary schools, standard signage). I for one would welcome a big 'clean up' period, but I noticed that NIA is extremely reluctant to remove Wayspots, and with good reason: when players lose something, they tend to leave their games. They need to be 100% sure the realworld location is (re)moved, or it'll impact a lot of people living in the area. Also, a cleanup period like that would warrant a lot of human resources, or we'll create another workload with large backlog.

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    Niantic doesn't want to do this, because the people who show up as the face of Niantic at OPR Live are not the people who review portals. They don't want to put the crusty disgruntled "hasn't showered in a week" engineer whose been forced to adjudicate waypoints for the last 3 years. So they put the happy PR/marketing staff there to nod at you and say "Hey yeah" then pass it on to the engineer to throw away again.

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