In Memorial Virtual IFS for Agent Foxmulder88

The Michigan USA Ingress community would like to invite you to the October Virtual IFS in Memorial of Resistance Agent Foxmulder88. Fox was a well known Resistance player, who loved Ingress. He would play for hours and was well liked by both teams. He would even take the time to teach Enlightened players everything he knew about the game. He helped countless people achieve their MU badge and was active in every aspect of Ingress. Fox reached out to all players and would often meet up and extend a hand. It did not matter what was needed. Moving to a new house? Fox was there. Need an ear? Fox was there. Need a ride for an op? Fox was there. And now he is not. And it is left to us to remember and celebrate his life. Join us for this IFS where we will grieve together, but also celebrate with our memories.We ask you in honor of him you take your picture with a Fox or apple theme or anything that will honor his memory. If you don't have anything we can help you Photoshop something in if you like. This will be a virtual IFS using Telegram and Zoom. Please refer to the event url below for channel details.We ask that beacons in Fox's honour be lit at Noon Eastern if it is safe for you to do so. Do not put yourself in danger of catching covid-19 to light a beacon.Event URL:

Event Date: Saturday, 03 October 2020

Event Time: 11:00 AM Eastern

Beacons Lit: 12:00 PM Eastern

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