L6 HCF solo in Siedlce - operation SoloQ 06/07.09.2020

HCF6 in Siedlce, Poland - SoloQ operation

I have always been very impressed with the field art and other complex projects that agents have been able to create. Homogeneous fields deserve special attention. Their complexity and beauty.

I considered the planning and implementation of a homogeneous 6-layer field a challenge that I wanted to take up by myself.

The Plan

As I live in an area where portals are suitable for creating BAFs but not homogeneous fields, and the city where I study, Warsaw is not even suitable for HCF3, (too many res and enl agents). I drew my attention to the town closest to me, Siedlce. The most difficult part was dividing the portals into groups and converting the map into a linking plan. It took me a long time before I managed to split the portals in right way.

For my plan to be realized, all portals in the Siedlce had to be unlinked. But how do you convince other agents to do so? Well, they could be forced to not be able to link anymore, for example by covering Siedlce with a field (mini BAF), while also annoying ENL players from Warsaw and winning cell. The onion field was thrown on August 18, while I did not have a full plan in place yet, the decay was still significantly reduced, so the portals shutdown had to be started well in advance. After the decay portal returned to 15% per day, things started to look good. The links in the city center were so extinct that only one JARVIS was needed to clear my path.

Then I have to wait for the triggered green agent to come smash the field covering Siedlce. Why wait for an enemy? Well, if I had my onion field jarvised by myself, it would have alerted the enlightened ones who, remembering the events of February, would have paid too much attention to my actions in Siedlce and would try to prevent my plans.

Everything have happened according to my calculations, the enl player removed the blue field above Siedlce ... replacing it with a green one. He didn't even realize how much it suited me. Now I was able to synchronize the take down of the "protective" field with the start of the operation without raising suspicions. Linking was not be possible in operation area until the last second before the operation start reducing unexpected blocker risk to the minimum. 

Final preparations

In order to make an HCF6 field in one of the anchor portals, you need to use 4 soft banks, the agent can insert a maximum of 2. Therefore, the day before the action, I asked the local agent AsNadLu to hide softbanks in the main anchor portals. Before the action I had only some of the keys to the main vertices, so I prepared about 80 heat shinks and 20 multihacks to fill the shortages during the action, and if the portal burned out too quickly I had JARVISES ready to destroy the portal and put the multihacks again.

Another problem was the means of transport around the city. The car was falling off, because first of all I would not be driving, checking map and linking at the same time. It was also impossible to do this on foot, because the distances between the portals were too large. A bicycle would be a good option if I could get it to the place somehow. An electric scooter was the perfect solution.

Most of such big actions are prepared with colorful tables for every agent with carefully written links and details, I prefer a traditional piece of paper and a pen.

Start of execution

I made an agreement with agent McXander that the field over Siedlce would be destroyed on September 6 at 11:00AM. I captured the top anchor, blocked the possibility of creating any field over Siedlce and started building The Field. It took me much longer than I expected, the problem was playgrounds in closed housing estates, it was necessary to figure out how to get there. At some point I saw a closed gate to the UPH campus with the inscription 'gate closed on holidays', I thought it was all over. I looked over the fence and saw there was a young Pokemon Go player, so of he was there was the way in. And it was, a small gate left open on the opposite side of campus. The implementation of the first 5-layer field was complete.

Preparation of the wings

It was time for the arms of the 5-layer field. Creating them was extremely tiring, from the playground to the monument and so on, keeping an eye on the links order. At one point I saw my first error, fortunately I was able to fix that without jarvising anything. All the time fearing that someone would either destroy the portal inside field and pierce it, or that some Smurf will wake up from hibernation and start linking, destroying my plans (this has already happened to me during another operation).

Heart attack

When I saw the notification icon about the attack on the portal, I thought, it was the end. Luckily, after checking what it was, it turned out that only the green agent was trying to destroy my remaining portals in Warsaw.

The final and the disaster

Being under the pressure of time, I missed a tiny field. How tiny you ask? It was 70 centimeters from the base to the top, the field is thinner than the link graphics on the scanner. Not knowing about that, I approached the portal where 2 AsNadLu's soft banks were waiting for me, I added my own 2, turned on the apex buff and started fielding. When everything was finished I put on the fireworks, checked the intel everything seemed to be correct, only after zooming in I noticed a small gap that did not wanted to disappear, I thought i was a intel error, or prime did not showed me linking option there despite having the portal key. When I analyzed the situation, I realized that I forgot about one of the 364 fields. The scooter discharged, it was getting dark, the portal where I was missing the key needed to renew the field was burned out, the only chance for repair was only the next morning.


Back home, I worked out a repair plan, as long as no one gets to the field. I sorted the remaining keys, made a missing list. The next morning, I jarvised the portals to dig into the gap, created the missing field, get the missing keys, contributed to my old mentor's "workplace" byt adding two l8 resonators and made the fields again. This time right.

3rd homogenous field in Poland, the first one made by single agent, was done at 10:17am, September 7h 2020

Agent involved: me @Scp173astronau

Original sitrep in Polish



  • Only one mistake is nice result for such huge task as raising the solo L6 HCF solo 💪 and more importantly, you didn't resign, you worked hard on the repair, and you did it successfully. ✌️ Congratulations!

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