Report invalid portal (More reporting options)

The system for reporting false ingress portals is inadequate. One of the reasons is not having the real reasons for reporting a fake portal. This being the reasons I see: the location of the photo is of the actual location (fake photo), incompatible location, among other reasons. During the pandemic many players have modified portals to fake locations. Now with a limit for changing the portal location, many portals are in false locations and it is not possible to return the portal to the correct location or report that portal because there is no option in the section for reporting invalid portal.

In the ingress / Scanner [Redacted] there was an option for other reasons (please describe the reason). Why was this option withdrawn?

The withdrawal appeal system is adequate, but if we had more options in the game to report portals it would be easier for the system itself to remove false portals.

Why does ingress / niantic not add any more reporting options for fake portals or create an opr recon 2.0 thinking only about withdrawing fake portals?

I believe that with the dronenet system the ingress community should be tougher with fake portals and other things in the game.

I apologize for the flaws in English and hope that everyone can understand my opinion.



  • mortuusmortuus ✭✭✭✭✭

    it would be good be able attach photos to your report why this portal is invalid...... then its so easy for them to tell that this object at the old photos location is long gone.... i given up how many portals i reported over years that are gone irl but they refuse remove them...

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