Remove some of the anonymously in game to make it cleaner!

There is one simple solution that would drastically change the game to be cleaner and that is to make resource drop between accounts none anonymously in own faction! What I mean is only allow capsules to be dropped in game and in faction comm have the following “Agent X picked capsule from Agent Y

If there is one thing players hold high in own community is that they are not cheating, and removing some of the anonymous in game witch is big root for cheating would drastically remove use of backpack accounts, buying resources and lots more.


  • 2 other ways to make game cleaner is..

    1. Stop ebay. And other retailers from selling ingress related stuff besides swag.

    2. Where are the embedded reporters?

  • : I am against it , then agents would be public when exchanging keys for large field plots and could not take place secretly .

    I would find a login by means of ID card interesting because this is unique Wei just do not know if something can be implemented .

  • This comes up again and again along with a bunch of other "revealing" concepts.

    1. Players are not the Ingress police. You don't need to have 'more information' because you don't make judgements. If you think someone is cheating, report it to NIA Ops. Having more information doesn't change that.
    2. Secrecy and obfuscation have been a key part of the 'real' game for a long time. Clandestine meetings to exchange keys where no-one will notice are a key part of the game. Having that advertised and scraped by bots is not helpful.
    3. There are plenty of players whose significant other, or friend or roommate etc, would 'appear' to be a mule, because that's what they essentially are. It's not cheating though. Adding this would just create more false accusations as well as the existing accusations that are happening without the information you're asking for. It would create a more acrimonious cross-faction community than it already is.

    So no announcing capsules, announcing who drops or picks up keys, no providing information that does not make things better. If you think someone is cheating, report them. Niantic already has all the information you think someone needs to determine guilt.

  • Stop ebay. And other retailers from selling ingress related stuff besides swag.

    How exactly? Just shut eBay down?

    Where are the embedded reporters?

    They're at the non-existent anomalies. What even is this statement?

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