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Need help about this. Some time ago a friend told me that portal can have more defensa than 95 points. Something that we can see on mod screen. Burn didn’t know how to explain what happen if this “limit” is overpassed like portals with 4 aegis shield in theory’s that portal would have 280 points in defense but the limit isn’t 95. So passing 95 shield are meaningless or what?



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    I wouldn’t call it meaningless. There is also damage mitigation from links. There is also shield stickiness factor, which was nerfed by Niantic for “reasons.” Shield stickiness factor refers to the overall experienced difficulty in knocking a shield off.

    Shields/having high portal damage mitigation grants a few benefits:

    1. more difficult to destroy portal
    2. more time for agents to react to a portal under attack and attempt a defense. Both active defense: (re-deployment if shields and resonators, etc.) and less active: (recharging only.)
    3. causing your opponents to expend more gear to capture it. Short of anomaly-level defense/active defense, there is nothing you can do to keep that portal from being captured. But you can delay that capture and, depending on how many of your allies can react to remote recharge, you can force your opponent to either expend significant xmp and power cubes, or expend a virus.
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    @jkg5150 did laugh at

    "but it will take you a lot more weapons to remove all 4 and get the mitigation down to a more reasonable number"

    I know thats true but does feel like ive been hacking chocloate Aegis recently, the kind where an x1 goes off and barely touches it it melts away, the joys of RNG lol

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    @Theisman I am right there with you on that. Although, not helped by the fact I've only really deployed them on anomaly sites, where a few more people are firing than in day to day play 😂

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