Portals draining faster then usual


I have been playing Ingress Prime for 2 years now, and I played Ingress before it became "Ingress Prime". Now, if you may have seem, Portals are draining faster. I'm not talking about L8 Portals, I'm talking about all Portals, no matter what level and what mods does it have. So, I talked to Support and they said this: "We want to let you know the decay rate for Portal is normal and we have not received any widespread reports on this. It might be possible that some Agents from the opposite Faction might have attacked the Portal and took down the Field and Resonators. We suggest you check the activity log and see if the Portal was attacked by anyone". This does not make any sense, since the Portals did not drain this fast ever before. I usually charge Portals every day, if those Portals are important, and they are keeping fields in place. After you charge the Portal to 100%, after maybe 5 hours (or maybe 6), they are already drained by 10% (or more). Since Niantic's Support team gave me this weird answer, I would like to ask you, players, if this is happening to you?

If anyone has any advice or anything, please let me know



  • They recently returned to the normal decay rate after months of a reduced rate. Perhaps you had simply gotten used to the reduced rate?

    Also a portal decays once each day by 15%. This occurs at a set time (I believe its simply exactly every 24 hours after it was captured.) So portal decaying by 15% shortly after you charge it is totally normal if you happen to be charging shortly before it is scheduled for it's daily decay.

  • I get that, but why did Support tell me that nothing has changed?

    Thank you for answer btw

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