If portal scans can be stored on your phone in low reception, why can't portal submissions?

This is what scanner redacted would do. I know I can take the pictures and submit in an area of better reception but if I submit something under a canopy of trees I won't know where to place the marker.



  • I typically email myself the coordinates, then open them up on Google maps again when I have reception... and maybe enough reception to not get a timeout while sending in the huge images. Before that I have to try to find the location again by comparing shadows and contours of trees from Google maps and the Ingress Scanner map (they use the same tiles).. "Oh, it's a little north of the 3 small ridges and the gray blob, just left of where the map tiles switch from foggy to sunny, hmm yeah, switch switch switch, almost, yeah that looks right...". Lovely little exercise in getting the location wrong :P

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